Gift Certificate Wording On The Invitation

by Kellie
(Dubai, Uae)

Hi, I am having a baby shower for two people and both moms would love to have a gift certificate from a baby store instead of getting a gift from each guest.

How would I word this properly in the invitation? I would be the person to accept the donations and buy the 2 certificates. Thank you.

Our Answer:

Hi Kellie,

Thank you for your etiquette question. When wording the baby shower invitation, you need to be very careful not to mention specific gift requests and money. This is something that appears as a "money grab" to your guests.

Even if you had a registry listed on the invitation, you will have a percentage of guests who do not use it. Registries are viewed as "ok" to list on the invitation because they are seen as an option and not a specific purchase request.

I have seen something on invitations (mainly for office baby showers) that might work for you in your situation.

You can place a one liner at the bottom of the invitation stating something like...

If you would like to contribute to a group gift, please contact (hostess's name).

Then as a hostess you can use the money to purchase gift certificates or even have the moms pick out what they would like to have with the certificates so you have actual presents at the baby shower.

NOTE: As with any options you list on the invitation, you might have good participation and you might not.

An alternative might be for them to just register at a place that has what they want and has a flexible exchange policy if they need it.

I hope this helps. Good luck planning the baby shower!!

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The wording was perfect!
by: Mary

Thanks for the wording idea! I used it for my office baby shower and it worked great! We collected enough to pay for a new crib and rocking chair for the mom. She is going to become a stay at home mom after she has the baby, so this present really helped their family situation.


Thank you
by: Kellie

Thanks so much. The wording is perfect. I just couldn't find a "diplomatic" way to say that.

It is sort of a work shower, one woman works at our consulate and the other woman's husband works at the other. The return policy here in Dubai is CRAZY! So this would be the best option. Thanks again for the fast and great solution.

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