Halloween Games and Party Ideas

Planning a baby shower around the Halloween holiday season is fun because of all of the fun decor and food choices you can incorporate into the party. I have put together some fun game ideas you can use to go with the theme below.

printable halloween pencil puzzles game

Halloween Puzzle Book-

Get a free Halloween Pencil Puzzle E-book full of games by completing a Halloween Internet Scavenger Hunt.

The e-book comes complete with a word scramble, trivia, matching scarecrow game, maze, and word search.

Pumpkin Trivia-

How much do you really know about pumpkins? Play a fun trivia game at your Halloween party and see how smart your guests really are!

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin-

Draw a large pumpkin on a poster board. Cut out stems out of green construction paper for your guests. Blindfold your guests, one at a time and have them try to place the stem the closest to the pumpkin center as possible. The one that places their stem correctly on the pumpkin wins a prize.

Printable Halloween Games

Use one of the printables below to add some fun to your baby shower or girl get together. These games are affordable, professional looking and just a click away.

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