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5 handmade baby shower invitations

Handmade Baby Shower Invitations

Use your creativity to make gorgeous handmade baby shower invitations for something different!

In our busy lives, so many people just send a plain email with the details of the celebration.

Instead, take some time out to relax and have a bit of fun, at the same time creating something unique that will be admired by those who receive it!

Here are six handmade invitation ideas for you to use. These are just the basics, but you can get really creative with them by adding your own special touches!

And these ideas can also be used as greeting cards when you finally do welcome that new little angel into

Sample Handmade Baby Shower Invitations:

Mini Diaper Invitation
Mini Bow Invitation
Baby Bottle Invitation
Mini Jumpsuit Invitation
Beaded Safety Pin Invitation
Baby Carriage Invitation


handmade diaper baby shower invitation

This one is always a hit! If you know the gender of the baby then this handmade baby shower invitation can be done using either pink or blue, but there are a few different ways to mix all the typical baby colors.

First, you need the fabric for the diaper - use plain colored towelling fabric, or any other fun baby theme fabric (it doesn't have to be towelling). Cut out a T shape to the size you want, then fold it up as you would with a regular diaper and fasten it with the right size safety pin.

For the paper and board, you can again get very creative with the endless variety of designs available. You can visit a paper specialist store or scrapbooking store, or you can create your own design using computer graphics.

If you find a nice bright paper design, you could use a plain white towelling fabric for the diaper. Or you can choose to layer different paper textures if you're going to use plainer paper.


handmade tag baby shower invitaiton

A nice plainly designed handmade baby shower invitation, to which you can add other goodies if you choose. Start by making the little swing tag - if you can find a handmade paper with lots of fiber. That would be ideal because you can fray it nicely along the edges.

Punch or pierce a small hole through the top of the swing tag and push one end of the thread of your choice through it. Some ideas for what you can use are ribbon, colored string, colored elastic cord, or you could even thread beads onto a strong cotton thread.

Punch or pierce a small hole into the board that the swing tag is going to be attached to, then pull both the loose ends of your thread through the hole and knot the ends together at the back. Add your text of choice to the swing tag with a little bow (or any other fun baby embellishment), then you can either let the swing tag swing free, or glue it to the board.


baby bottle shower invitation

Cute and classy, and easy to make! The little baby bottle embellishments should be really easy to find at a craft or scrapbooking store, and you could either color in the background square yourself, or use a plain, patterned or textured paper.

Edge the square with glitter glue or any other raised effect (there are many available), and use the same to make the little dots all around the bottle.

Some ideas for variation of this handmade invitation could be to use beads instead of glitter glue, and of course you could replace the bottle with any other fun baby embellishment.


handmade jumpsuit baby shower invitation

This takes a little scissor-skill, but it's easy enough once you get the hang of it! Draw a template for the jumpsuit on board, and cut it out. Similar to the Mini Diaper Invitation, you could use either towelling fabric or any other fun baby fabric. Using your board template, pin it to the fabric and cut the shape out.

Glue a bead on as a button (you could even do a column of them), and use a small piece of thin gauge wire for the top of the coat hanger. Once you've got this together, glue it onto the backing board you've chosen for your handmade baby shower invitation, which can either be plain, patterned or textured. If you find a nice bright paper design, you could use a plain white towelling fabric for the jumpsuit.


beaded safety pin baby shower invitation

Also an easy one, but oh-so-effective! Get the biggest safety pins you can find, and a selection of beads and ribbon that you want to use. You could do it in one color, or you can mix the beads (pink then green then blue then yellow, or something like that).

Thread the beads onto the pin, then thread your ribbon through the top opening and tie a knot in it at the base. There's enough space to use more than one thread of ribbon, so here again you could make it really funky by adding a few more threads of different colored ribbon.

The last thing left to do is simply to glue the embellished safety pin onto the board or paper that you're going to use for the invitation.


handmade baby carriage shower invitation

This has a lovely calm feel to it! All you need is some nice textured paper, some thin gauge colored wire, and any other embellishments you want to add, such as the little teddy.

Cut the carriage out using a simple circle shape, then cut away one quarter. If you use a relatively thick board instead of paper, you could raise it off the surface you glue it to with pop dots or something similar. Finish off the edges with glitter glue or beads, or something else if you prefer. Make the handle and wheels from the wire, and glue them onto the carriage, then add any other embellishments you want to use.

This handmade baby shower invitation looks great on a plain background, but you could invert the style by using plain white for the carriage, against a background of something brighter.

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