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Cranberry Holiday Centerpieces

cranberry topiary for holiday season

You can create beautiful holiday centerpieces using fun holiday items such as cranberries. A cranberry topiary can add a festive touch to any holiday party, Christmas get together or baby shower.

This centerpiece is easy to make but does take a little time to put together.

How To Make A Cranberry Topiary

You will need the following ingredients:

Start your holiday centerpiece project by adding a little filler weight to the bottom of your pot or container the topiary will be sitting in. If there is not enough weight holding up your topiary, it will be top heavy. I like to use glass beads, but you can use anything that will add enough weight to it.

Use a knife to shave down the sides of the craft block so it fits in your pot. Leave about a 1/2 inch of space between the top of your craft block and the lip of your container.

Using a dowel rod or knife, create a hole half way deep into both of your craft ball and block. This is where your cinnamon sticks will sit. Push your cinnamon sticks into the craft ball and use your glue gun to secure them in place.

styrofoam ball with cinnamon sticks pushed in

Once that is dry, push the other end of your cinnamon sticks into the craft block and secure in place with your glue gun.

toothpicks for topiary

Break your toothpicks in half.

cranberries with toothpicks stuck into them

Push the pointed side of the toothpick into the bottom of each cranberry.

styrofoam ball sprayed maroon

Spray your craft ball maroon or another dark color so that the spaces blend in with the rest of the cranberries. (It is easier to do it before you add the cinnamon sticks, but in my case I sprayed it afterwards.)

top part of cranberry topiary done

Starting at the top of your craft ball, push the cranberries into the Styrofoam. Work in a downward motion, trying to get the cranberries placed as closely as possible to each other.

finished cranberry topiary centerpiece

This is what your cranberry topiary should look like when finished. Cover the top of your container with Spanish moss. Add decorative ribbon if desired.

Some Extra Holiday Centerpiece Tips:

Good Luck With Your Cranberry Centerpiece!

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