Hostess Gifts

by Vanessa
(Gulfport, MS)

I have three baby shower hosts and one of the three has come forth to have it, delegated who was responsible for what and so forth. I am not sure if I give all three hosts the same thank you
gift or is it okay to give them all three different thank you gifts.

Our Answer:

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for your etiquette question. Giving a hostess gift is a wonderful way to thank those who have taken their time to put together a celebration for you and your baby. It is a personal choice to give thank you gifts to the hostesses. From the etiquette stand point all that is required from you is a heartfelt thank you note.

There is nothing wrong with rewarding the main hostess with a different gift than the others, as it is most likely she spent more time and effort on your party.

If you choose to do this, just make sure that the gifts are given at different times to the hostesses so that no feelings are hurt.

Good luck to you with the baby shower and the baby on the way!

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by: Anonymous

That was the exact answer I was looking for! I have 4 people who are hosting my baby shower (my mom and 3 of her friends). My mom is the main hostess and has put in tons of hours into the planning. Her friends are going to help the day of and are helping cook some of the food, but most of the planning and prep work has been done by my mom. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

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