Husband Suggests A Not So Baby Shower Location, What Should I Do?

by Kristin
(Spartanburg, SC, USA)

My best friend is due in August and even though she has expressed that she doesn't want a baby shower I know better and so does her husband. He suggested that I throw a surprise baby shower for her and suggested his favorite restaurant. (This happens to be a Mexican Restaurant) I don't feel like it is an appropriate place to have a baby shower and I don't know if should have that restaurant cater it or let him know that beans and rice are not exactly baby shower type foods. The thing is that he mentioned that it was something she told him she wanted and I don't know if he is telling a fib (which he is known to do) or not. What do I do?

Our Answer:

Hi Kristin,

Thank you for your etiquette question. Her husband sounds a lot like mine! Can never tell when he is pulling a fast one or not.. First of all, is the baby shower for couples...or is it just for women? If it is for couples, and the husband is going to be there, then maybe you should go with the location.

Mexican food is not typical for baby showers, but there have been plenty of "fiesta" baby shower themes in which it would work with. If you don't like the beans and rice idea, there are always nachos, or enchiladas that can be served. I would check with the restaurant to see what the policy is for you bringing some food into the restaurant for the party (like the cake, some cookies, etc.). That should give you a good idea on whether this idea will work for you or not.

If you choose to have this as a location, you can have something like this on the invitation..

It's a Fiesta! Please join us for a Mexican baby shower in celebration of (name) and (name).(location)(date)(time)

Another thing to think about is how upset you think the husband will be if you choose another location. It again depends on whether it is a couples' shower or a girls' only shower and also his personality. For some, the baby shower is a very sensitive subject. You will have more success in changing it without hurting feelings if he is not planning on being there and if it is "girls only".

I hope that helps. Good Luck with planning the baby shower!

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by: Anonymous

Why a surprise? Because SHE DOESN'T WANT IT.
Why are you having it? For her? I don't think so.

You and her husband DON'T know better. Leave her alone!

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