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Break The Ice With Ice Breaker Activities!

Ice breaker activities can "break the unfamiliar ice" between guests at your next baby shower.

Create a fun environment for your guests by jump starting the activities and breaking the ice all at once.

Ice Breaker Activities:

Paper Bag Surprise- Pass out paper bags to all of your guests and instruct them to place it on their head. Then tell them that each person needs to remove one item that they do not need.

Most people will take off an earring or a shoe. Tell them they could have just removed the bag. Ha! If someone actually does remove their bag they get a prize.

3 women laughing really hard at some papers they are looking at

Kazoo That Tune!- This ice breaker activity is a lot like the game "Name That Tune", but it is done using Kazoos. Start with some kazoos and a list of songs. You will want to pick well known songs or lullabies so all the guests know them. Pass the kazoo and the list of songs to the first person in the circle. They will sing the song through the kazoo for the guests to try to guess what the song is.

The person who guesses the song will pick out of a basket a piece of paper with instructions on it. The instructions can have them share baby advice, tell how they know the mom to be, give them something silly to do or whatever you want to put on there.

Then the kazoo is passed on to the next person to pick a song to sing. By the end, everyone is relaxed, comfortable and ready for introductions.

(If you are worried about germs, you can either buy enough kazoos for everyone or have wet wipes on hand to sanitize the kazoos between uses.)

Add a little fun to the introductions, have them blow on the kazoo before they tell their name and how they know the mom to be. :)

I've Never Game- Start this game with everyone sitting in a large circle on chairs. Remove one chair so there is one less chair than the amount of players. One person stands in the middle of the circle and says one thing that they have never done. Anyone on a chair that has never done the thing that was said has to get out of their chair and race to another empty chair. The person in the middle will also try to snatch an empty chair. This will leave one person without a chair.

The game continues as the person in the middle says one thing they have not done. You can end this game whenever you would like.

This ice breaker activity is great to learn more about each other while breaking the ice. You will learn a lot about your guests, especially the interesting stuff like skinny dipping! Lol!

More Fun Ice Breaker Activities:

The Weigh In Challenge- Before you start this activity, place a scale on the floor in the middle of the room. This will make your guests more than a little nervous as they eye the scale and wonder what in the world you are going to do with it.

Then announce to everyone that it is time to weigh in! After guests eyes get huge, explain that for this game, everyone is going to weigh their purses to see how prepared they are. The person with the heaviest purse wins.:-)

Bloomers Gag Game- It's time for a gag game! Show the guests a pretty wrapped box and let them know that you are going to pass it around the room as the music plays. Explain that inside the box are bloomers for the person who ends up with the box to wear for the rest of the shower.

When the person who ends up with the box opens it, they will find a pretty flower corsage to wear. ;)

Web of Friends- After introductions, you are ready to play this game. Start with a list of questions for the group to play this game with. Hand a ball of yarn to one person in the group. They will start with the end of the ball.

Ask them a question about themselves. Once they answer it they can toss the ball of yarn to anyone in the circle. The next person will answer a question and toss it to someone else. By the end of one or two rounds, you will have a web of connected people.

Here are some sample questions: What is your favorite food? If you have kids, how many? What is your favorite ice cream? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite music group?

The Laughing Game- This ice breaker activity will leave your sides hurting and a smile on your face!

Arrange the chairs in a large circle so everyone is facing each other. The game starts with the first person saying HA. The next person in the circle adds HA to the first one to make it HA HA. Continue around the circle, having each person add a HA to the phrase. If they laugh, they are out of the game. Continue going until you get to the last person. The last person out wins a prize.

The Name Tag Game- Throw out the normal names, they are not needed here! Pass a name tag to each guest as they enter the room. Each name tag will have an item on it that the mom needs for raising a baby.

Let all guests know that the names on the name tags are now their new names and must be used throughout the baby shower. If the guests forget and call anyone by anything other than the name tag name they need to deposit a coin into the baby's piggy bank.

Jog Your Memory Game- In this ice breaker activity, the guests will take turns standing up and telling one thing about themselves. It is easy for the first person.

But, the trick to this ice breaker activity is that every person has to repeat the name and descriptive item of each person in front of them. If they cannot remember it, they are out. The person who remembers the most names and descriptions wins.

The Alphabet Names- This game is all about baby names. Start with the first person in the circle. They will say a name that starts with an A. The next person will say a name that starts with a B. Keep on going around the circle.

If someone is unable to say a baby name that goes with their letter of the alphabet they are out. Continue on with the game until you only have one player left. That player is the winner.

Delivery Room Destination Game- What will the mommy need on her big trip to the delivery room? This is the classic" I'm going on a trip game" played baby style.

Start out by saying" I'm going to the delivery room and I'm taking"... name a baby item that starts with an A. The next person will repeat that and add a B item. Continue on around the circle until someone either cannot remember everything everyone else said or cannot think of an item that begins with the next letter.

That person is out and the game continues. The last person in the game would win a prize. This is harder to play than it sounds!

Mix it up: Change the story from the delivery room to something else like "I am taking the baby to the beach and I am bringing"...etc.

These ice breaker activities are meant to be used for a good start to your baby shower. To finish the recipe for success, add a few games and good food to the concoction.

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