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Go Wild with the Jungle Baby Shower Theme!

jungle baby shower

There is a jungle of information available to you with the jungle baby shower theme!

Jungle Baby Shower Theme Invitations:

Make homemade cards out of card stock and a paper cutter. Use some clip art, jungle themed paper, stickers or cut out jungle shapes to decorate it. Put something in it like:

It's a jungle out there! Help _________ and __________get their man cub ready for the wild and crazy world. Invited are all the animals in the jungle kingdom.

The fun and games will bring out the wild side in you!

Jungle Baby Shower Theme Invitations You Can Buy:

Below, we have gathered our favorite invitations to go with a jungle baby shower theme. Enjoy!

Jungle Baby Shower Theme Games and Activities:

Name the Jungle baby animals

Type up a list of animals on a piece of paper Number beside the animals and leave blank. Explain to guests that they need to write down the baby names of that animal. It is a lot harder than they will expect it to be! Here is an example list to start you out......

Butterfly - Caterpillar
Chicken - Chick
Cow - Calf
Deer - Fawn
Dog - Puppy

Eagle - Eaglet
Elephant - Calf
Fish - Fry
Fox - Kit

Frog - Tadpole or Polliwog
Goose - Gosling
Horse - Foal
Kangaroo - Joey
Lion - Cub
Monkey - Infant

Pigeon - Squab
Raccoon - Kit
Seal - Pup
Swan - Cygnet
Whale - Calf

How long is pregnancy?

Pregnancy for women can feel like forever sometimes. But, in the animal kingdom some animals are pregnant a whole lot longer than nine months. List animals down one side of a piece of paper.

On the other side list the amount of days a typical animal is pregnant. The guests must match the correct animal to the amount of time they are pregnant. Everyone will start feeling sorry for the poor things that are pregnant longer than a year!

When will my baby be born?

Take a bunch of miniature plastic babies or animal babies and freeze in an ice tray. Freeze one animal per section. Before passing the ice out, thaw it a little by running it under some warm water. Put one piece of ice in a cup and hand one cup to each person.

The ice will be partially melted. They need to look at the ice and guess what time their baby will be born. Write down the guesses and keep till later. The guests must watch their baby throughout the party to see when the ice is fully melted. When the ice is melted, their baby is born. The person that is closest to the actual delivery time wins a prize!

Guess the items in the bag-

For this game you will need 10 brown paper bags and 10 different baby items of different shapes and sizes. Place one baby item in each bag and staple at the top. Label the bags 1-10. Pass out a piece of paper that has been numbered to 10. The guests will then pass the bags around the room and write down what they think it is in the bag. The one with the most correct guesses will win a prize.

Make this game harder by leaving some items in their packages. The packages distort how it would normally feel. Baby game items would then be given to the mother at the end of the party.

Test your monkey skills-

Choose a few people to sit in the middle of the room on chairs. Explain that this game is going to test their monkey skills. If any monkey can do a basic thing, a mother should be able to. Place an empty bowl in their lap and blind fold them. Then put a bowl of cotton balls on top of their head. You can have people help steady the bowl on their head by holding it.

The object is to get the most cotton balls from the bowl on their head to the bowl in their lap. Hand them a spoon to use. They cannot use any other item. This is a very funny game to watch. The cotton balls are so light that they will not know if it is on the spoon. The person who gets the most in the bowl wins a prize.

Jungle Decorations:

Think jungle! Stuffed animals, leopard print, greenery, fountain, etc. Decorate doorways with streamers, vines and leaves. Tape tree limbs around the room with vines attaching them. Print off jungle animal clip art and tape to wall around the room.

Decorate the mother to be's chair with camouflage or leopard material. Use leaves, palm branches and bamboo around the food table. Christmas lights strung around room will add a touch of class.

Jungle Baby Shower Theme Food:

The food table can be decorated to look like a jungle. You can arrange it like a treasure map and label all the food items with creative and exotic names. Here are some jungle food ideas....tiger shrimp, anything berry, banana split, animal crackers, meatballs, fruit kabobs.

Make a bubbly swamp drink by taking any kind of green punch and add pop rocks to it. Float ice cubes with raisins frozen in them to represent flies! For an exotic twist, give the guests bendy straws with fake flies glued to it!

Jungle Baby Shower Theme Favors:

potted plants

Jungle Theme Mood Music:

nature jungle cd or jungle songs

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