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How to Make a Rosette Backdrop for a Baby Shower

green and purple paper rosette backdrop

Create a simple and stunning background for your food table with paper rosettes. When put together and mounted on a cardboard or picture frame; it creates a beautiful focal point for the party room. I created these beauties using a scrapbooking paper pack that was in the main colors of the party of green and purple. I love how it turned out!

The lighting at the party was not the best, but hopefully you can see how pretty it turned out. It is a fairly simple project, but it is a little time consuming. So give yourself plenty of time to make them, or gather together a few friends for a fun girls' night to make a rosette display that will wow your guests. ;)

Here are some close up shots of the paper rosettes.

left side of baby shower paper rosettes

As you can see, you can layer rosettes of different sizes and textures to get the final effect.

right side of paper rosette backdrop

Make a Large Paper Rosette

Let's start with the basics of creating a rosette. I am using 12x12 scrapbooking papers in the pictures below.

You will need:

how to make a paper rosette
  1. Fold each of your 3 scrapbooking pages in an accordion fold. Pay attention to the direction you fold the papers so that the patterns on the papers match.
  2. Take a paper that has been folded and fold it in half. Repeat with the other 2 papers.
  3. Staple or hot glue gun the inside of the fold. Repeat with the other 2 pages.
  4. Line up your paper rosette so the staples/glue gun areas are all facing up.
  5. Staple/glue gun the inside edges of the rosette to connect it all together.

Make a Small Paper Rosette

Now we are going to create the smaller sized rosettes that can be used to layer on top of the larger ones. Start by taking 1 sheet of 12x12 scrapbooking paper. Fold in an accordion style like the first step above. Then fold the paper in half.

fold paper rosette

Cut along the fold, creating 2 pieces of folded paper.

cut paper rosette in half

Now fold each of those pieces in half.

fold side of paper rosette

Staple the inside edges together. Repeat with the other piece of paper.

stapling paper rosette together

Turn stapled side of both papers facing up. Staple the inside edges together to make a rosette.

finished small paper rosette

Layer the sizes and colors to get your final look.

large and small paper rosette layered together
Some helpful tips I learned along the way:

Assembling Your Paper Rosette Backdrop

Ready to make the backdrop? Great! You will need:

I started with a cardboard base for my backdrop, but you can use anything that is in the size and shape you want to use. The one I ended up using was one of those fold-out cardboards for projects that they sell at Walmart and craft stores. I wanted something that was light to transport and it happened to be the right size. If it is not white, spray paint it before you begin so there is no obvious color peeking out from underneath.

Here is the pile of rosettes I started out with. I decided to add some white rosettes to brighten up the colors using some normal sized 8.5 x 11 copier paper. I made both large and small rosettes from that.

finished pile of paper rosettes

Start dry fitting the rosettes to create the pattern of colors you would like to use.

fitting pattern of paper rosettes together

Here is the finished pattern I made before I starting hot gluing everything together. I placed everything where I wanted it on the cardboard base so I had the exact location where everything should be.

finished pattern of paper rosettes

Start hot gluing everything in place. This is where the white cardstock comes in. Since the rosettes are folded up in accordion style, it doesn't give much edge for the hot glue to stick to. So I cut white cardstock in strips and then folded them up to give a solid base to use with the glue. Then I simply glued one side to the cardboard and the other side to the center of the rosette. It also gave the backdrop a nice 3d look. ;) I would work on each rosette one at a time so I would not mess up the pattern placement.

hot gluing paper rosettes together

Viola! A simple and beautiful backdrop that is inexpensive and easy to make. I used velcro straps to attach it to the wall. I love that these straps can hold the weight of the cardboard without doing any damage to the wall. It's great to use (especially if it is not at your house and you do not want any damage from hanging it.). I think we used about 8 velcro straps to mount it to the wall.

Amazon also carries a good selection of scrapbooking paper pads that might work for your project.

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