Miscellaneous Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

by Our Readers From
(All Over The World)

This page is full of fun baby shower decoration ideas sent in by our readers located around the world. We hope that their ideas help you to create a beautiful baby shower. Have fun!

Baby Shower Punch Decorations

~ Shared By Barbara From Boise, Idaho ~

I put little tiny baby items from the craft shop into ice cubes. They are cute baby items such as baby bottles, rattles, and plastic dolls. Then I float them in the punch.

You can also put the part of the punch in ice cubes, so they don't dilute the punch. I also like to put frozen raspberries (you can use any kind of frozen fruit) to float in the punch. It makes it so yummy!!!

Decorating With Baby Bottles And Sippy Cups

~ Shared By Kacey From Lexington, South Carolina ~

You can use baby bottles and/or Sippy cups with flowers and ribbon tied around the top for center pieces for tables.

Diaper Serving Pieces For A Baby Shower

~ Shared By Debra From Fayetteville, Georgia ~

I used actual newborn diapers for serving pieces. Put the diaper together like you would on a baby and then stand it up and fill with nuts, mints, chips. Use a larger size diaper or whatever you are having that would maybe go in a bowl. If you don't want it to come out of the legs, just place napkins or saran wrap over the leg openings. Everyone enjoyed this on the table and thought it was a very creative idea.

Oops I Forgot A Gift - Tree

~ Shared By Cadina From Shreveport, Louisiana ~

I gave a shower for my sister. There are always people who say they forgot a gift or didn't have time to pick up a gift.

So I took my white Christmas tree and decorated it with rattlers, baby pacifiers, and pastel clothes pins. Guest who forgot to bring
gifts or who brought gift cards pinned the gift cards or cash on the tree.

Cute Decorations For A Boy Or Girl..Adorable!!

~ Shared By Wendy T. From North Carolina ~

Hi, if the shower is for a boy, you can buy and wash plastic wheel barrows, dump trucks, and sand pails for serving chips, nuts and mints.
Use the pails to hold the silverware, and napkins.

Then, Mom can keep these in baby's room until he is old enough to play with them. If the shower is for a girl you can buy doll cribs, bath tubs and other such things to fill with the chips, nuts, dips, mints, and silverware.

Once again, Mom can take them home, and baby gets to play with them later. You can also use these items as 'gift baskets' to put the baby gifts in, simply put the gifts in a wheel barrow, dump truck, or baby doll bassinet, and wrap with a wide ribbon!!

Another wonderful idea is to get a basket, and note cards with envelopes and a pen for each guest and have them each write well wishes and love notes to the new baby, new mom advice, and Mom can take them home, open and read one each day! It's a great way to show her you care!! Hope this is helpful to you!!

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