Mustache or Bows Gender Reveal Party

I have a darling baby shower to share with you, contributed by Jami of I love all the diy elements in it. Mustaches have been the trend in baby showers for the last couple of years. They add such a fun and creative touch to the parties, and this party is no exception.
yellow chalkboard sign for mustache gender reveal
They chose to go a little nontraditional with the colors and used purple and yellow, a fun combination. Guests were greeted with this adorable yellow chalkboard sign that Jami up-cycled from an old headboard.

As with all gender reveal parties, the fun comes with guessing the gender. Guests either wore a purple bow, to show they thought the baby would be a girl or a yellow mustache, for a boy.

The backdrop was spray painted black so she could write with chalk on it.
purple bows and yellow mustaches for guests to wear
It was fun to see how everyone got into the game.
guests wearing bows and mustaches for gender reveal party

They even took pictures of how everyone guessed.

the guests separated into guessing groups

For decorations, they used tissue pom poms to add a punch of color to the decorations.
purple and yellow tissue pom poms
It really turned out great!
decorations for the gender reveal party

They also had purple, yellow and black striped paper straws to match the decor.
yellow, purple and black striped straws
To share the gender with everyone, everyone bit into the cupcakes to see what color it would reveal.

Gender Reveal Cupcakes:

To make these cute cupcakes, make your favorite cupcake recipe. Scoop half the cupcake batter for each cupcake in a cupcake liner, place a colored candy melt on top of the batter and then cover it with the remaining batter. Then cook the cupcake as normal. When guests bite into it, there will be a surprise color in the middle of the cupcake. Such a fun a cute way to reveal the gender.
mustache reveal cupcakes with blue candy melts inside
Party Trays:

They are actually picture frames Jami picked up at a thrift store for two dollars. She covered the inside with scrapbook paper and painted the frames black to match the party.
picture frame tray with black and white polka dot scrapbook paper and cupcakes
purple and yellow cupcakes
cupcakes with chocolate mustaches and bows
They made chocolate mustaches and bows to decorate the cupcakes from candy molds. You can buy some mustache and bow like they used on Amazon.
cute picture of a woman with chocolate mustache lollipop

Thanks so much for sharing your gender reveal party with us Jami! It turned out so creative and fun!

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