Only daughter's baby shower

by Doris
(Norfolk, VA)

Who is responsible for my daughter's baby shower - me? We do not live in the same town so this is tormenting me. Of course I want to do it but I don't have the financial resources to pull it off totally by myself. A co-worker's daughter is pregnant and she says it is so NOT the mom's responsibility - but I believe otherwise. All the women I know who had babies had showers given by their mothers. I understand a bridal shower being given by friends. Your help is so appreciated.

Our Answer:

Hi Doris,

First of all, congratulations on the new baby in family. A baby shower can be thrown by anyone, except the mom-to-be. Usually, someone approaches her and offers to host the baby shower. If she is just barely pregnant, she has some time before baby showers are typically thrown (around 7-8 months) and someone might offer to host the shower. I have known a good amount of moms that end up hosting their daughter's baby shower, but it definitely not something that is required.

SIDE NOTE: I had a baby shower for each of my 2 sons and neither of them was hosted by my mother. (She lives a few hours away from me.)

If she does not get an offer by someone to host a baby shower, and you would like to do something for her, there are a few things you can do.

1. Check to see if there are any close friends or family members that live close to her that will help you co-host. The baby shower does not necessarily need to be held before the baby is born. You can make arrangements to split the duties so it is easier to put it together. (Baby showers are so much sweeter with the little baby to cuddle!!)

2. Help her with a "Meet and Greet" or "Sip and See" once the baby is born. This can actually be hosted by the mom-to-be. It is just an open house for guests to come meet the new baby and chat with each other. This would cost considerably less than a baby shower since you would just need to worry about refreshments and a few decorations. The main event is the baby so you do not need to play games, unless you really want to.

I hope that helped. Good luck with everything!

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My dilemma
by: Nancy

My daughter is having her first baby but she lives in one state, I live in another state, my family lives in yet another state and her father's side of the family lives in yet another. I want to have a baby shower for her of sorts but was thinking about sending invitations with a question and answer sheet for the guests to answer and send it in like when she will go into labor, the date/time baby will be born, bald or hair, then after he's born send gifts to those that answered the closest. Is this cheesy, how would I word it? I need help as I am at a loss.

Perfect and Helpful Answer
by: Doris

That is exactly what I needed to hear and what I thought. Thank you so much - I feel a lot better now.

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