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Your Guests Will Feel Like Royalty
With A Princess Baby Shower Theme!

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Princess Baby Shower Theme Invitation Ideas:

It's a royal celebration! Make a royal declaration for your guests.

Create a homemade scroll to announce the celebration:

Use a program like Microsoft word to type up the invitation. A good size for each scroll is about 5x9. Print out the invitation and wad up the paper into a ball to make crease marks on the paper.

Next fill a bowl with paper and tea bags. Unroll the paper and dip it into the bowl. The tea bags will dye the paper into a nice aged look. The amount of time you leave it in the bowl will determine how dark it gets.

You can lay it out to dry or use a hairdryer to dry the paper. If you roll a tea bag over the paper, it will leave tea grains on it, adding to the old look.

Next, glue a small wooden dowel or stick to the top and bottom of the paper and roll up. Use thread or ribbon to tie it shut. Dowels can be painted or stained and have cute jewels glued to them.

Princess Baby Shower Theme Invitations:

Princess Baby Shower Theme Activities:

Give each guest a tiara to wear as they arrive. Play coronation music and have a red carpet laid out running along sidewalk to the front door. Dress up little boys in suits or tuxedos (if available) and have them announced as royalty once they fill out their name tags.

A Princess Photo-Put together a picture frame for a future picture of the little princess. Include a mat wide enough for people to write on. Lay out silver or gold pens for people to sign and leave the new baby a message.

Princess Baby Shower Theme Games:

I'm at the wrong party!-This is a gag game that will catch your guests off guard. I've seen it done at a few baby showers and it is hilarious to watch. As guests are arriving, a guest comes in and sits down ready for party to begin. When people start introducing themselves she starts getting fidgety and flustered.

When it is her turn she announces she is at the wrong baby shower. Guests usually try to help her at this point. She gets more and more flustered and gets up to leave. As she gets up, she spills her purse and leaves it there. The hostess then points out that she left her purse and starts picking up the pieces and puts it back in the purse.

Then the hostess passes out paper and has guests write down what was inside the purse. The guests usually are so into the situation they have a really hard time remembering the items in the purse.

Gift opening gift basket activity- Supply a basket for the guests to pass around as the mom to be is opening her gifts. For each gift she opens, a guest will ask a question from out of the basket.

Questions can be on her childhood, favorite items like songs and colors, dating and courtship of her husband, etc. It is a fun spotlight for the mommy and the guests might even learn a thing or two on the mommy!

The Laughing game- Everyone starts out in a circle facing each other. The first one in the circle starts the game by saying HA. The next person adds one HA to it making it HA HA.

Continue around the circle having each person add a HA to the last one. The first one to giggle is out. Continue on until you have the last person to laugh. They win a prize.

Princess Trivia- Put together a trivia game using Disney Princess characters such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and Jasmine. The guest with the most correct answers will win a prize.

Princess Baby Shower Theme Food:

Set a table a princess would be proud of! A delicate princess deserves delicate and luxurious foods. Set out pink or raspberry lemonade in a plastic champagne glass lined with pink sugar. Freeze raspberries in an ice tray with a little of the lemonade to add a special touch.

Lay out an assortment of delicate cookies, divinity, chocolate covered strawberries and eclairs. Offer tiny delicate sandwiches and a light salad.

For dessert, crumble a cookie or cake at bottom of a glass. Top with pudding and whipped topping.

Finish the delicate look off by using a lace tablecloth.

Princess Baby Shower Theme Centerpiece:

Create a royal castle that is simple to make and beautiful once decorated.

Cook 5 - 8 inch cakes. Take one cake and cut into 4 equal squares. Set aside. Stack the 4- 8 inch on top of each other and spread frosting in-between to hold together. Then take the 4 cut up squares and stack them on top of the 4 cakes, remembering to frost each layer.

Take 4 sugar cones and place on the 4 corners of the stack of 8 inch cakes. Place one sugar cone on the top of the stack of the 4 cut up cake squares. Frost cake and decorate. Add a toy flag to it if you would like.

(Use a heavier cake recipe than the store bought mixes so it will stack better)

Princess Baby Shower Theme Decorations:

Decorate with royal colors like velvet, gold, pink, and silver. Drape material over food and gift table to make a royal tent. Place any princess or girly items around the room. Add Christmas lights to make the room sparkle.

Princess Baby Shower Theme Favors:

Use ring pops or create princess wands by attaching stars to the top of big pixie sticks. Add ribbon or curly grass to dress it up.

Princess Baby Shower Theme Prizes:

lip gloss, nail polish, sparkly hair clips, mirror, pretty stickers, girly stuff

Princess Baby Shower Decorations:

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