Receiving Blanket Quilt

by Chantel G.
(Sturgeon Falls Ontario Canada )

Here's a fun baby shower craft idea sent in by our reader Chantel:

When my baby was born 5 months ago, I ended up with tons of receiving blankets, now of course you will use some of these, but you do end up giving some of them to charity. Well this time, I did something different with them. I gathered them all up and created a quilt for my baby. Now the receiving blankets are put to use without the guilt of giving them away to charity. I do this with a lot of clothes, my daughters old jeans are recycled into gym bags, pencil cases and whatever else we come up with!

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Apr 09, 2012
Great ideas!
by: Sam

I have way too many receiving blankets, so your idea is great. Here are some of the things we have used our extra receiving blankets for in the past...

Burp cloths- They are great to use for that.

Headrests- I would roll up a receiving blanket to help prop up the baby's head in the car seat. Worked a lot better than the head rest we had purchased for the car seat.

Cleanup for quick spills- I had a spray bottle with water in it and some old receiving blankets. They would great to clean faces, hands and messes in a pinch.

Pretend Play- My little girls love to use the receiving blankets when they are playing with their dolls. Perfect size!

Mar 21, 2012
Thank you for your idea!
by: Dedra

I love your idea! I was at a loss for what to do with all the receiving blankets I received from my babies. I had been carrying around 3 boxes of them for years because I did not have the heart to throw them away. Most of them were barely used because the babies would only use them for a few months before they got too short. I figured I might use it for sewing here and there as scraps. Now I don't have a quilt frame to make anything fancy with it. I just went and got some sheets and batting at the store. I pieced them together with pins and then tie quilted them. They are some of my boys favorite quilts now. They carry them around as TV blankets and put them on their beds as an extra blanket. I love that I got more use of them and it is a little sentimental that they are still using their baby blankets. Thanks for helping me figure out a way to use them without the guilt!

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