Restaurant Baby Shower

by Jess

My sister and I are hosting a shower for a friend at a restaurant. My sister wants to include "lunch provided" on the invite whereas I think it's tacky and I feel that by our names listed as the hosts, people will get the idea that WE are paying for lunch.

Our Answer :

Hi Jess,

Thank you for your etiquette question. You are correct in feeling that it is not necessary to list that lunch will be provided on the invitation. By listing the restaurant location on the baby shower and choosing a time during lunchtime hours, it will be the assumption of your guests that lunch will be provided at the party.

Your sister is most likely worried that guests will not want to go to a baby shower if they are not sure who is paying for the lunch. This is a valid concern for some people.

Baby shower etiquette rules state that the hostess is responsible for paying for the food. The party is the hostesses’ gift to the mom to be, so all costs associated with throwing the baby shower is the hostesses responsibility.

I feel that is it best not to put that "lunch is provided" on the invitation, since it is stating the obvious.

I hope that helps. Good Luck planning the baby shower!

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What I did
by: MaryAnn

I had the same worry as you did with the baby shower guests. I ended up wording the invitation like this...

It's A Girl/Boy! You are invited to a baby shower luncheon in honor of (mom's name).

Then I had the location, date and time listed under that. It's true that I probably didn't have to add it, but I thought it was a classy way to let them know. I didn't want the baby shower guests worrying about the food with it being at a restaurant.

Hope that helps!

You don't need to mention it
by: Sara

I think the fact that it is held at a restaurant would imply that whatever food served will be covered by the hostess. I would at least expect that unless there was something on the invitation stating otherwise like "hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be provided" or "desserts will be served". Then I would know if I wanted anything else, I would need to cover it.

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