Second Baby Shower For Twins?

by Carrie
(Chicago, IL )

My sister had a little girl 5 years ago. I hosted a shower for her with our family and her closest friends.

My sister and her husband are now expecting twins!

Having twins is a huge deal and there is a lot of

Is it ok to have another baby shower for her since it has been five years since her first?

If it is ok does she still register?

Can I invite people who came to the first shower?

Please let me know what you think. Thanks Carrie

Our Answer:

Hi Carrie,

Thank you for your etiquette question. It is absolutely ok to throw her a second baby shower. Every child deserves to be celebrated. With the 5 year gap in between her kids and the fact that she is having twins, she is going to need a baby shower more than ever. As far as inviting the same people that came to her first shower, if they are still important to her, they should definitely be invited.

Baby shower registries are usually used for a first child and to fill specific needs. When deciding whether you need a registry or not, look at the items she needs. There will be a certain percentage of people that do not use the registry when buying gifts. So by placing the registry information you are not requiring them to shop there, just suggesting gift ideas.

P.S. If there are some really close friends and family coming to the baby shower, you can arrange for a group gift (which might help her a lot since she needs double of everything for twins). If you decide to do this, contact each person individually and tell them there are some people contributing for a group gift and ask if they would like to contribute to it.

It might also help to have specific items in mind that she needs so they know what the money is going for. This was done at a shower I recently attended and they were able to get some fabulous gifts to help the mom out.

This worked out more successful than putting the option of a group gift on the invitation. The trick was not to ask everyone on the invitation list to contribute, just really close friends and family.

I hope that helps. Good luck with planning the baby shower!

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