Sending A Baby Shower Gift

When invited to a surprise baby shower and you can't make it, when and to whom should you send the gift?

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Thank you for your etiquette question. If I were in your position, I would call the hostess and ask her for sending instructions. She most likely will have you send it directly to her (the hostess) if it is going to arrive before the baby shower. After the baby shower has passed, you could send it to the mom-to-be with no problems.

The hostess will be your best person to contact, especially in a surprise baby shower situation. She will know all of the details in case there are cancellations or a reschedule with the baby shower.

Good luck!

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I agree
by: Anonymous

It would be fun to have the gift at the baby shower! If it were me, I would call the hostess first and see if there is enough time to make it work for it to show up in time at the party. If not, send it directly to the expecting mom's house. Transporting gifts can be problematic. Save her a trip and give her a smile on her face when she sees you didn't forget her. ;)

Send it to her home
by: Bertie

You could wait until after the baby shower is over and then send it to her house. :-) One of the biggest problems I had after the baby shower was transporting everything back to my house.

Imagine a big pregnant lady with her car filled to the brim. I couldn't see out the back window and couldn't turn very well to see out the side of the car because of my belly. Not a pretty sight! Lol!

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