Sesame Street Baby Shower

by otisa
(chicago, il)

Sesame Street Party Dinner Plates

I am looking for Sesame Street baby shower theme. I am trying to make this a fun event. I am having a girl.

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Congratulations on your baby girl! Sesame Street is a great theme for a baby shower. Almost every kid I know, including mine, love Sesame Street and they LOVE Elmo even more! Sesame street
is such a great learning channel for kids.

Here are some ideas I came up with for a Sesame Street baby shower:

Decorate the room in bright primary colors, just like the colors of the characters. Use bright balloons, you can even make faces on them to look like the favorite characters. Throw in some Mylar
Sesame Street character balloons to make it fun.

Use any Sesame Street characters you might have to decorate the room. If you don't have any, they can be readily available from friends and family because Sesame Street is such a huge kids favorite.

Decorate the walls with fun says from Sesame Street and even change them around to go with the shower.

Who's my favorite? "Rubber Ducky You're The One!" (Ernie), "It's Elmo's World!"(Elmo) you can change it to "It's (mom-to-be's name), World!", 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9 nine months in pregnancy, ah ah ah (Count Dracula), What are you craving? "Me Want COOKIES!" (Cookie Monster)

Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas-
Make a diaper cake and decorate it with Sesame Street toys and clothing.

You can also group some Sesame Street stuffed animals together and tie a balloon to each one.


Count the number of Count Von Count's M&M's(or another candy)- Fill a baby bottle with M&Ms or another candy. Have the guests count the candies. The one closest to the actual number wins the candy and becomes the Countess of the party.

Sesame Street Bingo-
Use Sesame street clip art to make bingo cards.
Fill in the cards with characters or fun sayings from the show.

Sesame Street Baby Shower Food Ideas-
It's a party and all of the characters have teamed up with their favorite food selections.
Label the baby shower food with fun Sesame Street labels like Cookie Monster's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oscar's dirt cake, Dorothy's chicken salad sandwiches (cut them with a fish shaped cookie cutter), Ernie's Just Ducky Punch and
Elmo's Friendly Garden Salad.

There are lots of sesame street party supplies available, and most birthday items don't have Happy Birthday on them, so it can be used for a baby shower.

Baby Shower Favors- Today's baby shower was brought to you by the hostesses (name) and (name) and by the number 8 (or however many months she is pregnant). Thanks for coming to the party.

Here are some more sesame street party supplies that you can use with the theme. A lot of the supplies do not have birthday wording on it, but be sure to check before purchasing. :-)

Good Luck Planning The Baby Shower!

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Sep 21, 2010
Sesame Sreet Baby Shower
by: amanda

I am giving my daughter in law a baby shower in November and was so glad to see all these wonderful ideas on Sesame Street baby shower. Thank you so much!!! (she is having a girl).

Jan 17, 2010
Baby Boy
by: Anonymous

I am having a boy I am looking for the baby sesame street. I didn't find anything.

Jul 15, 2008
Re:Luxury Baby Shower
by: Anonymous

They have a 5th avenue baby shower theme idea on the website. You can use the ideas from that and expand it a little to include baby prada and dior in it.

Jul 12, 2008
Luxury Baby Shower
by: CC


I wanted to have a "Luxury" baby shower theme but am getting stumped with how to expand the theme. I am thinking of Baby Dior, Baby Prada, etc. Any ideas? Please help!

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