Should I invite......... to my Baby shower?

by Katie


I am trying to get a list together for my baby shower and want to know if I have to invite my mother in laws friends. I don't really know them and would rather it be family & my friends? What do you think?

Our Answer:

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your question. Your mother in law most likely wants some close friends at the party to share in the excitement of the new baby coming to the family. A baby shower is a lot like a bridal shower in the fact that people come to show support for the family. So even though they do not know you, they would be there through their friendship to your mother-in-law to show support for you.

I am not sure how many friends your mother in law would like to invite, but I personally would not be upset with 1 or 2 very close friends coming to the party to show their support.

As the guest of honor, you do have a say in who comes to the baby shower. If you want to have just your family and friends at the shower, then only invite those people.

The final decision is totally up to you and how you feel about it. The opinion that matters the most in this case is yours.

Good luck with the baby shower and the baby on its way!

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1 or 2 friends are OK
by: Monique

My mother-in-law invited her 2 closest friends to my baby shower last March. I didn't know either of them and was a little apprehensive about having them there. My mother-in-law was hosting the baby shower, so my first thought was not to upset her.

Hey, she was paying for the party, what harm was it for her to have a couple friends join in on the celebration? They were very excited to be there and were gushing the whole time about all my mother-in-law's decorations, food, etc. I think it really made her feel good to have them there to share in her excitement. It actually turned out really well.

I don't think it is too of a big deal to have 1 or 2 friends there. They were really sweet ladies. Now, if she would have invited 10 or more friends, it probably would have been a bit much for me. ;)

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