Sip And See

by Memphis
(Memphis, TN)

We weren't sure if this was just a regular shower. Is a gift expected?

Also one person already gave a gift, does she need to bring another?

Our Answer


Thanks for your question. A "sip and see" is a more casual type of baby shower that can be thrown as a full baby shower or an open house. If it is thrown as an open house, you give a time frame in which guests can come and enjoy the new baby and give well wishes. Guests can mingle with each other and enjoy the refreshments provided. When it is thrown as an open house, it can be thrown by the parents of the new baby or hosted by a friend or family member. Gifts are not required, but most guests bring a gift as a token of friendship.

If it is thrown as a Sip and See Baby Shower, it is a little more like a traditional baby shower, but with fewer games. Since it is an actual baby shower, there is a hostess involved. It is more casual and both the baby and the mom are the center of attention.

When sending out invitations, be careful on the wording to indicate whether it is just a "sip and see" or an actual "sip and see baby shower". The wording is important as it dictates from an open house to a more structured baby shower.

P.S. Although gifts are not mentioned on baby shower invites, guests know that it is considered rude to show up without a gift. If your friend already gave a gift to the mom to be she is not required to bring one, but might also choose bring something small just so she is showing up with something to the party.

Good Luck with the baby shower!

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Re opening gifts
by: Anonymous

I know Kay mentioned this and a few others, but this is my two cents:

I plan on having a sip and see, and because it's a drop in event rather than a scheduled event, we don't plan to open gifts at that time. We also plan on having it be couples rather than a ladies only affair. I like that it's more casual, and the baby, who is really the focus anyway, is often present! I think we'll be doing evites so we may include registry information on that....we will see.

Sip and See
by: Anonymous

I hosted a sip and see for my girlfriends and neighbor ladies when my grandson was born. This was my daughters first child and I was very excited to show him off. They live in Texas and we live in Illinois. None of my friends had heard of a sip and see so I included the words Happy Hour on the invitation. I hosted it on a Friday evening and although every one brought a gift, it wasn't expected and I did not add a register on the invite. It a perfect way to introduce the baby at one time.

Sip & See by Nina
by: Anonymous

My Grandson was just born 2 days ago and I am already planning my Sip & See. We already had the shower, but I need to have a great event for my Grandson, who is so great. Going to host at a winery, hence the sip.

Opening Gifts
by: Nisha- Editor

I have been to a couple sip and sees over the years, and the gifts have always been opened at the the end of the party. Since people are able to come and go as they please at a sip and see, they are not required to be there at the end if they do not want to. But opening gifts is such a normal tradition with baby showers that I have always seen them open the gifts that are at the party. It is up to you how you want to do it, but if you do it at the end then the people who are present and want to see their gifts opened will have the opportunity to do so. :)

When to open gifts
by: Kay

I am hosting a Sip and See for a friend, and wondered when gifts should be opened. Since gifts are not required, I'm hesitant to open gifts during the function. However, I also do not want to offend those that bring baby gifts and are more of the 'old school' and want to see their gift opened by the new mother. Suggestions?

Sip and Sees Are Fun!
by: Victoria

I went to a sip and see last month and it was so much fun! I loved that the baby was part of the baby shower. We all got to take turns holding the sweet baby and chat with the new mom. I loved how low key the whole thing was. They had snacks for people to munch on and people came and went as they pleased. Definitely more fun than the formal baby showers I have been to in the past.

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