Snoopy Baby Shower

snoopy baby shower

My daughter-in-law is doing the baby's room in Snoopy and the shower cake is Snoopy. I can't find Snoopy plates or decorations. Can you help?

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I scoured the web looking for something that would work for your theme. There are a lot of cute gift ideas but not so much for decorations. The most success I had was with Ebay. They have baby Snoopy shower favors, balloons, invitations and game items. Hallmark used to sell Snoopy baby shower supplies made by party express, I found some supplies here and there on Ebay. I also found a snoopy birthday line that you could use, just make sure the products don't have birthday wording on it.

You could make a pretty classy theme by using the colors white and accent it with black and one other color. I'll use red for my example, but pink or blue could also work. If you used a white tablecloth, you could use red and black plates and cups to match. Use red and black streamers and balloons. You could cut out Snoopy clip art to put on the walls and purchase a Snoopy themed balloon. Print out some Snoopy coloring pages that could also be used for decorations and for any kids that might be invited. Decorate the room with any Snoopy memorabilia that you might have.

Create a whimsical and elegant look to the party by hanging some tissue paper flowers above the food table.

There is Snoopy confetti at Ebay that you could sprinkle on the table. If you locate some Snoopy gift wrap, you could also use that down the middle of the table as a table runner to add a little color.

A great idea for a favor would be do have Snoopy themed decorated sugar cookies wrapped up for the guests. They would be a beautiful and tasty reminder of wonderful party you've thrown. Attach a note with some Snoopy clip art or a stamp that says, "Thank you for coming to (mom's name)'s Baby Shower!"

There are also quite a few auctions on Ebay for Snoopy party supplies. Most of them do not say happy birthday, so they could also work if you wanted tableware with Snoopy on it.

Hope this helps. Good luck planning the shower!

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Jul 17, 2015
by: Nisha

Sounds like an awesome party. :)

Jul 09, 2015
I'm doing my snoopy baby shower
by: Anonymous

I'm having my party in a banquet hall, so is more easy to worried about the dishes and food, but I choose Turquoise for the decoration (bows and napkins, the cake is blue with little clouds, and snoopy sleeping on the top with the moon is 3 floors, because is for 100 persons, for the favors I have candles, little strollers, shoes, candies in organza bags, all of them decorates with a little round stickers with snoopy and the bird, I ordered on ebay 104 for like 3 or 4 dollars, and you can write where ever you want, like Welcome baby... or thank you for coming, where ever you want to... they are very cute, and also I decorated with blue ribbon saying It's a boy the stroller and the candles, in the front table, i will use tissue flowers with tissue balloons hanging from the sealing, was an idea from printest, for the gift table I will put SPOIL ME in white letters stick it on blue tissue paper on the bottom, and some Snoopy clothes that I already bought for the baby hanging on the back, for the invitation I choose from ebay the same Snoopy sleeping in a cloud with the moon on the back, also I have my book for the guests advises with snoopy on the front,
all my nursery will be with Snoopy theme too, I so excited, and I love the theme.
Thank you!!!

Oct 28, 2009
Snoopy Baby Shower Cake
by: 808NoriT

Can you let us see what the Snoopy shower cake looked like?

Jul 15, 2009
Snoopy Shower Invitations
by: Anonymous

Check out she has Snoopy invitations and thank you notes

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