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Get All the Bare Necessities with the Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme!

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Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme Invitation:

Find miniature bears to attach the following message to:

We would be beary glad if you could join us for a delightful celebration of the new honey arriving to (father) and (mother).

Teddy Bear Theme Activities:

Goldilocks honey tasting game- Take different flavors of baby food and cover the outside with tin foil. You can make a cute label to go on the outside with clip art and print something like "Goldilocks Honey Factory". Place on a table for guests with plastic spoons for them to taste test the colored goo. Then they will guess on a piece of paper what kind of baby food they think it is.

Table tips:

Teddy Bear Games:

Sticky fingers- This is a fun game to go with a teddy bear baby shower theme. Have a long table set up for this game, with enough chairs for everyone to sit down. In front of each chair place a bowl with uncooked rice in it.

Place small safety pins in each bowl and mix well. The object of this game is for the guests to try and get as many safety pins out of the bowl as possible. Time them and the person with the most wins.

You can make this game even harder by giving them plastic gloves to wear, coloring the rice with food coloring, or blindfolding everyone.

Bag it! - For this game you pass out paper bags and have everyone place the bag on their head. Then instruct them that in this game everyone needs to remove one item that they do not need.

You will have people take off a shoe, sock, necklace, etc. The person who takes the bag off their head wins a prize!

Gone Fishing- Choose about 3 people for this game. Set pie tins in front of them on a table. Place Swedish fish in the pie plate. Make sure to give the same amount to each player. Spray whipped topping on top of the fishes and tie their hands behind their backs. The person who eats the most fish or finishes first wins.

Have a camera or video recorder on hand for great memories!

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme Decorations:

You can place signs outside that say" Don't feed the bear". Place paw prints on the side walk leading up to the door and one next to the doorbell. Make a cave out of Brown paper or make a sign over the door that says "Cave Entrance".

Decorate a pot to look like a beehive and fill full of bare necessities the baby will need. Place teddy bears around the room.

Teddy Bear Themed Food:

Anything with berries or honey in it is fine for this theme. You can also have bear shaped cookies, brownies, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and berry flavored punch with frozen berries in it.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme Centerpiece:

Make a cake with a bear shaped cake pan.

Teddy Bear Beehive- Stack different sizes of circular foam to resemble a beehive and paint. You might need to trim it to make the sizes correct. Glue plastic bees on it for extra effect.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme Favors and Prizes:

Honeycomb cereal, trail mix, gummy bears, teddy grahams, bear shaped honey bottle, miniature bear or Burt's Bees products

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