The Invitation List

by Krista
(Marshall, MI)

Is it appropriate to invite friends (and/or family) who you know will not be able to attend?

What if you haven't seen a friend for over a year - or maybe even 2, is it appropriate to invite them?
UGH- hope you can help!

Our Answer:

Hi Krista,

This is a difficult question for me to give a solid answer on since everyone's circumstance is a little different. The best advice I can give to is to look how close your friendship to them is. I have an old roommate that I had not seen or spoken to for a good year. I had gotten married and she was still single. But we were close enough friends that when I had my first baby shower, she was on the list. Part of the reason we did not speak very often was that she lived in a different state. But she had moved close to me a little before the baby shower was held so it was not a big deal for her to come to the party.

If your friend(s) live in a different state, ask yourself if they are close enough friends that you would feel comfortable calling and inviting them to the party and asking if they would like you to send an invitation to them. If that is something that makes you feel uncomfortable, then I would not send them an invitation. Send them a birth announcement once the baby is born, instead.

If it has been 1-2 years since you have seen them and you still have a pretty strong friendship, go ahead and send them an invitation. If done correctly an invitation will help close friends and family feel part of the celebration. If done wrong, it can appear as a request for a gift.

I hope that helps you make a decision. Good luck with the baby shower!

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My advice
by: Nisha- Editor

Hi Corie,

In most cases, sending a birth announcement to friends and family who are far away is the best way to let them share in your celebration. If you would like to also send invitations for some of them to your baby shower, I would look at the list and pick those who are immediate family members and very close friends.

Immediate family members ( mother, father, sister, brother) should be included in celebrations like baby showers. Close friends would not mind an invitation or look at it like a money grab.

For everyone else, I would just want and send a birth announcement once the baby arrives.

Hope that helps!

Inviting Friends and Family
by: Corie

I live out of state. How do I invite my friends and family without making them feel pressured into coming and buying a gift?
thank you

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