The Mother Can't Attend The Baby Shower

by Laura
(Center Line, MI)

My daughter lives in another state. My sister (her aunt) and I (her mother) want to give her a shower, but how do you do it if the pregnant mother cannot attend.

Our Answer:

Hi Laura,

A long distance baby shower is a perfect way to throw a baby shower for a mom-to-be who cannot attend. Rather than have her miss all of the joys of a baby shower, you simply bring the baby shower to her.

I put together some great ideas that will definitely help you plan the shower on our long distance baby shower page.

Good luck planning the baby shower and let us know if you need any more help!!

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Skype Baby Shower
by: Anonymous

We did a Skype baby shower for my sister in law. Her husband is in the military and they have to move around a lot. She is currently stationed overseas, so getting her home for a baby shower is next to impossible! All of the family and a few of her close friends gathered together at my mother in law's house. As guests were arriving, we set the laptop in the corner so they could all take turns chatting with her. We played a few games and then opened presents. It was lots of fun! If you do something like this, make sure to keep the computer positioned near the fun, so she can see and hear everything going on.

A Long Distance Baby Shower Is Perfect!
by: Nisha- Editor

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your etiquette question. Wow, Triplets!! Your sister is definitely going to need all of the help she can get as a new mommy. A long distance baby shower is probably the best kind of baby shower you can throw for her in this situation. She is already high risk pregnancy with the triplets and most people who are pregnant with more than one child end up delivering early.

Triplets and in need of baby supplies
by: Amanda

I am hosting a shower for my sister who is expecting triplets. She is already on bed rest 15 weeks in and lives out of state. She is unable to travel but is in great need of a baby shower since they are expecting three. How do you deal with this situation? I have heard about showering her with gifts idea but how do you go about that?

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