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Towel Cupcake Instructions

blue and pink teddy bear towel cupcakes

~ This adorable towel cupcake craft idea was shared with our website by Courtney C. of Woodridge, VA ~

Looking for a cute and inexpensive baby shower gift? This clever "cupcake" idea is a creative and inexpensive way to give useful items to the mom-to-be.

It is very similar to the towel cake, but this simplified version only uses one towel for it's layer.

"I was on a budget but wanted to give a cute gift for twins, so I decided to do a cupcake made from towels. I saw the idea on a couple of other websites and thought it was pretty cute."

To make your own Towel Cupcake, you will need...

Assembly Directions

Assemble the cupcake by laying the hooded towel on a flat surface with the points in a diamond shape. The hooded portion of the towel will at the top of the diamond shape and facing downward.

hooded baby towel laying flat

Start at the bottom point and roll the towel upwards, towards the hooded section in a jelly roll style.

rolling baby towel from bottom

Roll it all the way to the top and stop when you reach the hooded section.

rolled hooded baby towel for cupcake

Then roll the towel from one side to the other.

rolling baby towel for cupcake

You should end up with the hooded towel in the front and the rest of the rolled section right behind it. Tuck in the outside edge of the roll behind the hooded section and pin in place with safety pins.

safety pin end of rolled hooded towel for cupcake

Decorate The Cupcake Craft:

decorating ideas for a towel cupcake teddy bear and baby supplies

Decorate with baby items. I double sided taped all the baby gear to the towel and pinned the socks with safety pins.

side of towel cupcake showing baby clothing

The bear lovey is wearing a newborn hat and mittens.

front of blue towel cupcake with teddy bear and pacifier front of pink towel cupcake with teddy bear and pacifier finised towel cupcakes with basket full of baby supplies top view of towel cupcakes and baby basket

Thanks Courtney for sharing such a cute craft idea!

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