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My Step-daughter and her husband recently moved out of state then she became pregnant. All friends and family live here, their home state so I am hosting a baby shower that she will fly back home to attend.

My question is.

Is there any tactful way to suggest gift cards or purchase gifts from a store such as "Baby R Us" or "Target" so gifts can be picked up at a store nearby where she lives? This saves shipping, because she is flying and has no way to bring items home.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions on this, but also any other proper etiquette I should be thinking about.

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Thanks for your etiquette question. I answered a question for another hostess in a similar situation here.

I feel the wording options I gave her would also work for you, since you are both are worried about travel friendly gifts. I think your idea about gift cards and purchasing gifts from her local store is a good idea. But, you really need to be careful with how you word it so it is not perceived wrong by your guests.

I think you should word your invitation similar to my answer in the post above and include her registry info on the invitation. Then at the bottom in the RSVP section of the invitation, write something like:

Please call (hostess name) at (number) to rsvp or with any questions you might have.

If they are questioning appropriate gifts, they will call. That will give you a chance to let them know about the idea of ordering from her local store or gift cards to the people who are looking for ideas.

It is best not to put the explanation on the invitation so it does not look too much like a money grab.

Also a tip for traveling by plane...most airlines do not allow pregnant woman to fly if she is 8 months pregnant. They don't want anyone to go into labor during the flight. So just be sure to not plan the shower during the 8th month.

Good luck with the shower!

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by: Tammy

Thank you!! I am hosting a baby shower for a cousin who lives 3 states away. She is traveling by air back home after the shower and is limited to space on the airplane. I was worried about how to suggest on the invitation to the guests that they consider purchasing a gift card or having Babies R Us ship directly to her home in Missouri for the large items like bouncers instead of bringing those large items that she cannot fit on plane to the shower here in Texas. I am going to use your wording idea. Thanks!

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