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Washcloth Bunny Rabbit Instructions

washcloth bunnies

A washcloth bunny rabbit can add a touch of fun to your baby shower.

Use it as a decoration or give it as a practical gift that your guests can take apart and use around the house.

It is so easy to make, you will be "hopping" to try it again and again!

For Each Bunny, You Will Need:

How To Put Your Washcloth Bunny Together:

Lay a washcloth wrong side up on a flat surface in front of you.

washcloth laying flat

Fold the washcloth in half to form a triangle.

washcloth folded in half for washcloth bunnies

Roll the washcloth into a jellyroll starting from the small point and ending on the long side.

rolled washcloth

Bend the rolled washcloth in half with pointed ends facing away from you.

bend washcloth for washcloth bunnies

With one hand, hold the washcloth together at a point that is about 1 or 2 inches down from the pointed ends.

hold rolled washcloth together

With your other hand, place the rubber band around the section you are holding, which will push the pointed ends back and up.

This is how it will look after you put the clear rubber band around the front of the bunny.

finished washcloth bunny

The pointed ends will become your "bunny ears". Adjust them if necessary to make sure they are even with each other. Glue or tape wiggle eyes and the pom-pom (nose) onto the face of the bunny rabbit.

I have also seen the colored ends of needles use for the eyes and nose of washcloth bunnies. If you do use needles, make sure you warn the mommy so no one is hurt when they take the bunnies apart.

Use ribbon to cover your rubber band and dress up your washcloth bunny. If it is curling ribbon, it will double act as a decorative touch. Here are some finished washcloth bunnies, before adding any wiggly eyes or pom-poms.

finished washcloth bunnies

Some Final Tips and Ideas For Your Craft:

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