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How to Make a Bouquet of Washcloth Roses

pink and white washcloth baby rose bouquet

Make a fun bouquet of washcloth roses as a gift for a new baby! These baby roses are not only beautiful but definitely useful for both momma and baby during bath time.

This gift is very easy and inexpensive to make. These instructions and techniques were personally created by me and different from others you might find on the web. See the picture instructions below to get started.

Items Needed To Make A Washcloth Baby Rose Bouquet:

Note: the kind of flowers don't matter, you will be pulling off the flowers and using the stems later.

Make Your Washcloth Rose:

Create your baby rose by placing a washcloth on a flat surface in front of you. Fold it once in half.

fold your washcloth baby rose

Then fold it again.

fold your washcloth rose again

Roll the washcloth from one side to the other lengthwise. You will want to angle it slightly to get the rosebud look.

roll the washcloth like a rose

Use a straight pin, double sided sticky tape or your fingers to hold the roll in place as you take the bottom edges and roll them upward one at a time. As you pull upwards, it will cover the edge of end of your original roll, keep it from unraveling.

roll the washcloth edges up

Take all of the flowers off of your group of silk flowers. Thread the stem up through the hole in the bottom of your rose. Add all of your roses to the bouquet and place in a vase to display.

a finished washcloth baby rose
Some ideas to dress up your washcloth rose bouquet:

Another baby shower craft that is close in design to this is the baby sock rose bouquet. We have more ideas on that page along with reader photos. Here are a few photos that our readers have shared with us!

Washcloth Roses submitted to our site by:

~ Brenda from New York, the United States ~

washcloth rose bouquet

I made this bouquet very similar to the one shown on this site, but I gave it my own twist. I used baby washcloths, scratch mittens, and socks.

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