Wording The Invitations

by Shannon

I am hosting a baby shower for a friend and she already has everything you could possibly need. She is not registering anywhere because she has everything so we were wondering how to word the invitations. She could always still use essentials, diapers etc.

Our Answer:

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for your etiquette question. There are lots of fun baby shower themes you can use for your friend who is already prepared for her baby. Depending on the type of shower you decide to do, you can word your baby shower invitation to match.

A spa baby shower is great for pampering the new mom and helps to get her ready for motherhood. A casserole baby shower helps prepare her for the stresses of motherhood by providing meals so she can focus on being a new mom.

A more specific theme, like a diaper baby shower, focuses on specific items she might need. A sprinkle baby shower "sprinkles her" with the necessities her new baby will need.

Here is a sample baby sprinkle poem a friend of mine used for her second baby shower.

Baby smiles and giggles galore
_____ and _____ are having one more
Big Sister _______ has plenty to share
This is only a "sprinkle" to show that we care
Please join us to celebrate before Baby is due
They've got lots of pink, so think plenty of blue! (if it's a boy!)!

P.S. If you have any more specifics to whether this is a first or second child and the theme you want to have, you can use the comment form to give me the additional info so I can help you further.

Good Luck with the baby shower!

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Gift Receipts
by: Anonymous

I was appalled to receive a recent invitation to a relative's baby shower that listed two registries immediately followed by a request to bring gift receipts. Am I wrong to wonder, "What is the point of registering if you plan to return gifts?"

Can I ask guests to pay for their own treatments?
by: Ashley


I too am planning a spa shower (well welcome baby party) but I am wondering how do I let people know they will be expected to pay for the treatments they choose and can I ask for everyone to pitch in say $10 or so to cover the new mommy & the new babies treatments? I figure with this then some people can bring a small gift for baby if they would like or not as this is her second baby.

Thanks for any help, Ashley

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