A Baby Scavenger Hunt Game

by Nokyee
(Santa Fe, New Mexico )

This fun little baby scavenger hunt game tutorial was brought to you by one of our readers, Nokyee. She shares how simple and easily you can put together a quick and fun scavenger hunt for your baby shower guests.

Nokyee's instructions...

1. Print out a list of Baby Things.

2. The things you put on the list buy them.

3. Hide them in the most hard-to-find places.

4. When the guest come place the lists all around
the table.

5.Once they open the list tell them to get ready.

6. "Ready, Set, GO!" you say they look as they look all around...

7.The person/couple who gets the most Wins!

So that's all of the rules now go have fun
And CONGRATS on the new Baby!

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