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Use A Baby Shower Centerpiece To
Tie Everything Together!

Why put up a boring food table when you can create a masterpiece with a baby shower centerpiece?

The most common place for it is on the food table. It can also decorate a gift table, especially if it is to be given to the mother to be at the end of the celebration.

The centerpiece will fall under 2 categories. Edible and Non-edible.

You can decide which is best for your party.

Below is a wonderful list of creative centerpiece ideas.

They can be twisted to match your theme and add that special "touch" to your baby shower.

With these creative ideas and your brain power, you will be able to come up with fantastic ideas for your perfect centerpiece.

Don't forget to come back and share your masterpiece with us. Sharing is the best part of making something beautiful!

Non Edible Centerpiece Ideas

Edible Centerpiece Ideas

Other Ideas For Your Baby Shower Centerpiece