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The Best Baby Shower Recipes
Shared By Our Readers

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There are so many yummy recipes that make the baby shower so rewarding and fun. We have shared some of our favorite food and recipe ideas with you, but now it is your turn to shine!

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Baby Shower Recipes Shared By Our Readers:


~submitted by Brandi of Hurley, Mississippi~

I had a baby boy and for my baby shower, my hostess made a blue punch. She used BLUE Hawaiian punch, pineapple sherbet and sprite. It was GREAT!!

Baby Shower Recipes


~Recipe submitted by Lisa from New York~

Here is a real winner for a great dessert when you don't have a lot of time. My secret is the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix.

I make it a day or two before the shower, and warm it up a little before serving. I get requests for the recipe all the time. People are shocked that it is just a mix you can buy at the store!!

Baby Shower Recipes


~submitted by Virginia of Oklahoma~

This is a very easy recipe I have been making for years now. I use it at every baby shower or neighborhood party I can. It is always gone very quickly.

You will need:

Sliced Ham
1 jar of pickle spears
whipped topping

Start by laying a slice of ham out. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the ham. Place 1 pickle spear on the edge of the ham and roll lengthwise. Slice.

It sounds interesting but it is very yummy!

NOTE: We have a pickle roll up recipe over on our baby shower appetizers page.

~Recipes submitted by Machelle from The United States~

You will need:

1 gallon Hawaiian Punch
1 big bottle of 7-up

Mix them together add ice. You can split it to make a smaller batch. I use this everywhere.

Baby Shower Recipes


~submitted by Ashley from San Antonio, Texas~

This is a classic recipe. I use the Corn Chex Mix at all the functions I attend, including baby showers. It is really quick to make and so-o yummy!

1/2 box of Rice Chex
1/2 box of Golden Grahams
3 cups of coconut
2 1/2-3 cups of almonds or honey roasted nuts
2 cups of Karo light syrup
2 1/2 cubes of butter
2 cups sugar

Mix Karo, sugar and butter in a pan. Bring to a boil and boil for 2 minutes. Pour over cereal and mix.


~Recipes submitted by Sheri from Eagle Mountain, Utah~

This recipe is used at about every function I host. I love it. It is so yummy and so easy to make. All you will need to make this fruit dip is...

1 large jar marshmallow creme
1 container of strawberry cream cheese

And....that's it!

Just mix the above 2 ingredients and you have an amazingly quick and amazingly fun fruit dip that will have people dipping over and over again!


Baby Shower Recipes


~submitted by Jacquelyne P. from Clermont, Florida~

We did a fruit salad appetizer. We bought a large can of fruit cocktail, a jar of cherries, a can of chunky pineapple and a container of sour cream, mixed them all together it was so good! Everyone loved it.

Baby Shower Recipes


~submitted by Cierra S. from Albany, GA~

1 lb. of Ground Beef or Turkey
1 Small Bell Pepper
1 Small Onion
(Or you can buy the frozen mixed version.)
1 Jar Tostitos Mild Monterey Jack Salsa Con Queso
1 Jar Tostitos Mild Salsa Con Queso

Brown ground beef or turkey along with bell pepper and onion...Drain. Add a generous amount of Mild Monterey Jack Salsa Con Queso. Add a generous amount of Mild Salsa Con Queso.

*Mixture does not have to be soupy...works better when it is not!* Mix together in skillet or in a crock pot...

Serve with Tostitos scoops or Tortilla chips. (Tostitos Lime Tortilla chips tastes great with this!) This recipe is great for any type of party or gathering.


~Recipes submitted by Cierra S. from Albany, GA~

White or Red potatoes (I prefer red potatoes)
Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing
Shredded Cheese of choice
Real Bacon Bits or Pieces

This is a recipe that you may have to play around with to know how much you will really need of each item. For large gatherings you may want to use a 5 or 10 lb. bag of potatoes.

Slice Potatoes and boil with salt, until tender but remains firm. Drain and rinse.

In a shallow baking pan (I prefer using aluminum pans) layer in this order:

Ranch Salad Dressing
Bacon bits
Repeat the layers...
Number of layers depends on how deep the dish is.

Bake @ 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes; or until cheese is nicely melted.

Baby Shower Recipes


~submitted by Cierra S. from Albany, GA~

2 large cans of Fruit Cocktail
2 large cans of pineapple chunks
1 large can of tropical fruit
1 pint of frozen strawberries
4 large kiwis
1 package of instant vanilla pudding

In a large bowl combine all ingredients above. Mix very well and chill for 2 hours before serving. This is not good if served at room temperature or warm...

Optional additions:
sliced bananas (2-3)
extra peaches (1 small can)

This recipe is a hit at every occasion!

Goes well with Sara Lee pound cake and Whip Cream!


*As a decorative item, serve in Sundae glass with whipped creamed on top.

Baby Shower Recipes


~Recipes submitted by Shelby from GA~

To make pink sherbet punch for a baby shower, you will need:

*Strawberry sherbet
*7 up

Just mix them both together in a punch bowl and it is delicious!

Baby Shower Recipes

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Baby Shower Recipes Shared By Our Readers

Stuffed Strawberries- These are so light and refreshing! The cheesecake filling is really good.

No Bake Cookies- I like these cookies because they are so quick to mix up. No baking involved!

Bagels and Cheese Dip- This easy dip has only 2 ingredients!

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Cucumber Sandwiches- Kris shared her favorite sandwich to serve at baby showers. She says it is light and refreshing!

Buffalo Chicken Dip- A delicious dip to serve with celery, carrots and crackers.

Wonder Jello- Marisela shared her favorite jello.

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