Baby Taboo Shower Game

by Roxanne
(Ottawa, Kansas)

baby shower taboo

My best friend whose shower I was helping plan LOVED the game Taboo. So I created Baby Taboo. I put a baby word at the top a piece of card stock and wrote three words that were related, that the clue giver couldn't say...for instance: Desitin was the word, the three taboo words were: cream, rash, and bottom. You could do it as a whole group or divide into teams. I came up with thirty of these cards. It was pretty easy. Try and see if you like it.

REPLY: Great game idea Roxanne! Our readers have shown tons of interest in getting a copy of this baby shower game, so I created a taboo game for everyone to download and use. My game has 27 cards of different baby and pregnancy words.

Baby Taboo Shower Game Instructions:
Print playing cards on cardstock paper and cut out the cards before playing game. Divide group into teams of 2-4 players. Each team will take turns with one member in front of the group. The person must get his/her team members to guess the baby word at the top of the playing cards. He/she is not allowed to say any of the words listed on the card.

The team has 60 seconds to guess the word. If they get it right, they get one point and move on to the next card. They continue playing with the cards until the time is up. If the leader mentions any of the words on the cards, the team will get a penalty point. The leader also is not allowed to make any actions, drawings, or sounds. It must be spoken to count. ;)

Once the 60 seconds is up, it is the next team’s turn to play. You can set a time limit for the game or a point limit, depending on how many players or the amount time you have.

This is an original baby shower game made by for personal use only. For best results when printing, please make sure you set your page margins to narrow.

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May 04, 2012
New Baby Shower Taboo Game
by: Nisha- Editor

Hi Everyone,

We have received a TON of requests for the baby taboo game that Roxanne has told us about. I noticed a lot of email requests going on in the comments section for a copy of it. I don't know if Roxanne has been able to respond to anyone on their requests or not. So I have created a free baby taboo game for everyone to print off the website and enjoy. :-)

P.S. I am going to be deleting all of the previous comments and emails to keep your emails off the internet and safe from spammers. ;) The download link is above, so feel free to come and use the game anytime you would like to.

Nisha Williams

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