First Time Father Baby Shower

by Barbara

daddy baby shower

My son is married to a woman with 3 children. She is pregnant with his first child. We want to have a party for him since this will be his first child. I need some ideas for a shower for a first
time dad.

Our Answer:

Hi there,

Congratulations on the new the grandchild coming into the family! A first child is probably very exciting for everyone. He has gotten a little bit of an initiation into being a father with the 3 children already in the family.

For the type of baby shower to throw, look at his interests...whether they are video games, golf, football, cars, fishing and so on. You can base the main theme for the baby shower off of his favorite hobby. Whenever guys are involved in baby showers the colors should be more toned down, not so bright and girly.

A family baby shower, including the 3 children, depending how old they are, could be fun for everyone. If you choose to do this, there are some great coloring pages and activities available for children online. There are also "I'm The Big Sister" and "I'm the Big Brother" shirts you can get to help the other siblings feel involved and important.

Depending on the tone you want to set with the baby shower, you can have baby shower games or a couple activities for guests to do while they chat and relax at the party.

Some activities that a group can do for him is a new dad preparedness advice book, decorating Onesies, signing a baby wishes mat for a picture frame. The barbeque theme is great for a relaxed couple baby shower.

There are some great coed baby shower games that are fun and lively.

If you are looking for an elegant affair, I recently answered a request for a classy daddy shower.

If they are needing some large baby items due to the age gap of the children, you can contact other close family members and friends to pool together to help purchase the needed items. There are some etiquette rules against setting an expectation of gifts on the invitation, so the best way would be to personally talk to those who might be interested in contributing to it.

Here are some games that will go well with your theme...

Finish Mommy's Phrase Finish Daddy's Phrase
Finish Daddy's Phrase
Couples Trivia: Are You Ready?
Couples Trivia: Are You Ready?
Baby Outburst
Baby Outburst

Best of luck with planning the baby shower!

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