Miscellaneous Baby Shower Game Ideas

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We have compiled a variety of miscellaneous baby shower game ideas sent in by our readers from across the world. I hope they help you create a fabulous baby shower!

The Baby Bottle Game

~ Shared By Cindy, USA ~

What you need to do is get baby bottles and take off the nipple. Then, you need to get the small ball into the baby bottle!!

Baby Shower Bean Bag Toss

~ Shared By Linda A. from Salt Lake City, Utah ~

Draw a large baby on a piece of thick cardboard, put eyes mouth etc. make sure the mouth is open. Cut mouth out, make 6 2" bean bags. The object of the game is see how many bean bags you can get through the baby's mouth. The ones who gets the most in wins. I made this game up myself.

What Does Baby Need Game ?!

~ Shared By Jacklyn from Missouri ~

This game is really simple, all you need is pen and paper for each guest. Each person has 1 minute to list all baby related supplies/things they can think of when you're preparing for a new baby! The person who has the most written in a minute is the winner. It also works out great because the mom-to-be can use the list for ideas of things not received but still wanted or needed for new baby.

The Price is Right Baby Shower Game

~ Shared By Kylie

I have a shop on etsy and by far my most popular game is The Price is Right. The hostess typically buys the items on the card and asks her guests to guess how much they think it costs. Once the game is done the hostess presents the mommy to be with a basket of lovely gifts that she is sure to need.

Toilet Paper Baby Dress Up Game

~ Shared By Licy From Florida~

There is one which I used in my first Baby shower where you have to get a team of 2 and they have to dress their partner with toilet paper, they need to make a diaper, bib and a hat. And if there is a tie, the two would race by crawling.

A Baby Food Shower Game

~ Shared by Amanda from the United States ~

Take jars of baby food, keep them closed and number the top of the jars. Write down the name of the food that goes with that number ie 1)Carrots 2)Spinach. Then remove the labels. Pass around each jar and let every contestant guess what is in the jar. The winner with the most correctly answered jars win the door prize. Luckily the Mommy-to-be gets to keep all the food!

Baby Tic Tac Toe Shower Game

~ Shared by Debra from the United States ~

Get a poster board and draw out the tic-tac-toe table. Make a baby rattle for the O and make two bottles crossing each other for the X. Make sure to get some Velcro to stick to the board and to the back of the X and O. Lets see who wins.

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Jul 16, 2012
Dad's Diaper Bag Game
by: Anonymous

To play this baby shower game, you will need:
A diaper bag or a fun small knapsack
Various items that aren't necessarily "baby" but definitely manly
ex: protective eye glasses, a rain jacket, hand sanitizer, bungee cords, duct tape etc.

To play:
Fill the diaper bag with random items that a Dad might use to care for his baby. Pass the bag around the circle to music and when the music stops whoever is holding the bag removes an item. That person has to explain what Dad does with the item and the baby...

If you get a nicer diaper bag, you can present the entire bag and contents along with a list of what each item was deemed to be "for" to the father-to-be as a gift.

Jul 16, 2012
Draw The Baby Game
by: Jodi from Camarillo, CA

Simple, fun, breaks the ice, and it's inexpensive.

Supplies: Blank index cards, pencils

Have each guest place an index card on their head and hold it there. The object of the game is to draw an anatomically correct baby while the card is on their head. NO PEEKING until it's done.

The best drawing wins a prize.

Apr 11, 2012
Nursery Rhyme Charades
by: Amanda O.

The hostess prints out the names of nursery rhymes on slips of paper. The shower guests divide into two groups. Just like regular charades, the groups take turns acting out the names of the nursery rhymes. It gets even more fun when you use some of the lesser known rhymes and if you have a few "class clowns" in the mix it really gets going.

Mar 20, 2012
A Baby Name Game
by: Trisha

When everyone enters the room give them a piece of paper. After they write down the baby's name have them make as many words they can with it!

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