Mommy Memory Baby Shower Game

by Virginia
(San Diego, California)

This game is a switch-a-roo on the normal memory baby shower game. Set out a tray of baby items for the guests to look at. Set a time limit for them to memorize as many of them as possible. During this time, the mom-to-be quietly exits the room. When the time is up hand the guests a sheet of paper and pen.

Now it is time for the fun!! Ask questions about what the mom to be was wearing. What color was her shoes? Is her hair up or down? Was she chewing gum? Did she have a watch on? What color was her blouse?

The guests were concentrating so hard on the baby items that these questions will stump them!!


This is such a fun game! I love the twist when the guests are concentrating on baby items and not the mommy. If you don't want to make your own game sheet, there is a printable version of this game that you can personalize to your party. Have fun with your baby shower!

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Mar 18, 2012
Guess the items in the bag game
by: Melissa

I planned a baby shower for my best friend who did a jungle theme and for one of the games we played guess the items in the bag. To just add a little bit of jungle theme to it I took small wooden animals and tied them on the bags with ribbons instead of numbering them.

Mar 17, 2012
Here is another twist on the memory game
by: Robyn

I have another twist on the mommy memory game, this time with a diaper cake...

You (being the host) create a diaper cake with all kinds of baby stuff on it. You will need at least 15 different items. Place it in a highly visible area (bonus this can be your center piece to). Throughout the shower don't draw attention to it. Then right before presents when everyone is seated take the cake away and pass out paper and pen and see who can name the most items on the cake. Winner gets a prize.

Mar 17, 2012
Good Mommy Baby Shower Game
by: Hope

Here is a memory game we played for the mommy...

Fill a brown bag with things related to babies and child birth. Make sure to add a diaper (slightly open with peanut butter inside). Blindfold mom and have her reach in and identify the items. It's always funny to see new moms squirm on things like the nasal aspirators. Lots of fun! ;)

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