"My Water Broke!" Baby Shower Game

by Casey

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game

I didn't see this one on your website, though I have seen it on others and I have done it at a friend's shower.


Ice cube trays

Small plastic babies (that will fit in ice cube tray sections) (I actually took that thin foam in a pink and cut out shapes of babies and put in the ice cube trays because I couldn't find plastic babies at the time)

Dixie bathroom cups

What you do:
Beforehand, freeze one baby each in an ice cube.
When guests have arrived, each one gets a "baby ice cube" in a Dixie cup. They are instructed they may not touch their "baby ice cube" or take it out of the cup but they can do anything else they want to "deliver the baby". The first person who has a baby free of ice yells "My water broke!" and they receive the prize! It's a hoot to see the ladies breathing on the cup, or some put it between their legs or just squeeze the cup real tight. You can do other games while waiting for someone's "water to break"!


I've played this game a few times at baby showers. It is lots of fun! If you don't want to spend your time trying to piece together the babies and ice trays that you need to play it, you can buy the whole kit or the babies online. Hope that helps! Have fun at the baby shower!

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Mar 18, 2012
Just want to add
by: Tasiana

We played this game at a baby shower too. I just want to add that we were allowed sit the cups under a light or out in the opening. The person whose baby melted first wins! ( The baby has to be at least completely out of the cube.) You can alter the rules for your baby shower, but this is something we did. Have fun!

Mar 18, 2012
Hilarious Game
by: Anonymous

I love the "my water broke baby shower game" to play at a baby shower. Found this game on a website, it is hilarious. They sell the kit, or you can buy the babies needed on the web site.

Oct 16, 2009
My Water Boke
by: Elizabeth Herrera

Well at my sis baby shower the night before I put plastic babies in the ice cube trays. Once frozen put 1 cube in a mini plastic bag. Just to ready for the next day! Then when ready for the game just take them out & start the game! Rules NO Opening or Stomping with your foot on the bag! Just Rub & Rub anywhere on your body, until the ice melts and your baby is delivered, shout out "My water Broke"! Then there's your winner!

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