What Did Daddy Feed The Baby?! Shower Game

by Danielle

Sweet Mess Baby Shower Game - 4 Candy Bars & Diapers - 24 Player Sheets

Items needed to play: All you need is 6-8 random candy bars and the same amount of baby diapers.

Camera and/or video to catch the hilarious faces and things your guests will be doing to guess. . . . What the daddy fed the baby! :)

Preparations before the game starts:

Take one of each small piece of candy and put it inside the bottom of the diaper. Label the diapers on the back with numbers so you can list on your own personal paper what candy bar you put in that diaper.

The major key to this game is you NEED to melt the candy in the diaper before you play and pass out the diapers for everyone to start playing. It looks so gross (cause it looks so real), but it is probably one of the best games I've done and played. I get tons of great and funny compliments on that game.

Then Everyone gets a blank paper with the numbers that are on the diapers. Each guest has to guess what type of candy bar is in the diaper. Obviously the one who guesses the most wins. I like to choose candy that is a little hard to guess to make it more fun!

Supplies to go with this game:
Sweet Mess Baby Shower Game Kit
Poopy Diaper Guess Game Cards
Dirty Diaper Corsage Game

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Mar 20, 2012
by: Amanda

We played this game at a recent shower and it is HILARIOUS! It is actually really hard to guess the right candy bars. Much more than I would have thought. It was so funny to see people sniffing the diapers and sticking their fingers in it to try to figure it out. Some even tasted it to get it right. Ewww! lol! I got so many compliments on this game. I will definitely use it again.

Mar 18, 2012
What kind of poo (chocolate) is that?
by: Mary

We did the same game for a baby shower. We had everyone guess on the kind of melted chocolate was in the diapers. Whoever guesses it right gets to go to the table and pick a gift from there that they would like to give to that person who is having the baby.

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