Wonder Jello Recipe For Boy and Girl

by Marisela
(Oxnard, California)

1 package of clear Jell-o
1 can of coconut juice
1 packet of strawberry Jell-o(milk)
1 packet of blueberry Jell-o(milk)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


*To make strawberry Jell-o, get a pan and boil milk as indicated on package. Add strawberry Jell-o. Once it's done, put i n a flat square bowl and let it cool off.
Refrigerate for 4 hours.

* In another pan, put the milk as indicated on the package. Add blueberry Jell-o. Once it is done, put in a square bowl and refrigerate for 4 hours.

*Cut the blueberry Jell-o and strawberry Jell-o into small squares. I mean really small, perhaps a little less than half an inch.

Make the clear Jell-o about 20 minutes before you cut the other two Jell-os.

*Boil water and add clear Jell-o and coconut juice and tsp. of vanilla. Once it boils, put it to the side to cool off. It's best if you do the clear Jell-o when the other two are done.

As you finish and the clear Jell-o is done (cool to room temperature but do not allow to set up), add the little squares to the mixture. Refrigerate again for 4 hours.


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