Build A Baby Shower Activity

by Brenda N.
(Barnegat NJ )

This build a baby shower activity was sent in by one of our readers, Brenda.

Brenda's comments:
This can be done as a single gift or multiple gifts. You get a large baby outfit then fill it up with gifts from the list of the new mommy.

For arms and legs, fold diapers long way and stuff in to form arms and legs. For the face, draw a face on the back of a diaper then wrap baby in a nice receiving blanket or quilt. Handle your gift gently as if you are handling a new baby.

This shower build a baby activity will be interesting because everyone is bringing gifts to build this baby. The idea is to put this giant baby on a rocking horse.

I will get back to you on how this works this is for a second child's birth. By building a baby
no one needs to spend a lot of money and the gift is from everyone!

Pictures are to come I assume this baby will be looking more like a toddler since everyone is pitching in.

When I do a single baby I use bottles for arms or legs. I roll the diapers and use rubber bands if needed then stuff anything in the outfit.

Great idea Brenda! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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