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Just like a diaper cake, diaper animals are created out of useful baby items. They are a new and creative trend being used at baby showers.

Our readers have sent in their photos to share and you can too! Submit your photos to our site here.

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Photo submitted to diaper animals gallery by:

Karen R. from Franklin, Idaho

momma and baby giraffes diaper animals

I rolled diapers into arms, legs, necks and bodies and held them together with various sizes of plastic hair bands. Altogether I used 22 diapers, 7 socks, 3 bibs, 4 headbands, 1 pacifier and 2 pairs of butterfly hair clips.

The Lady I gave them to was so thrilled, she said she hoped she wouldn't become so desperate that she had to take it apart and use them. She says they make a great decoration for her daughter's room.

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Photo submitted to diaper animals gallery by:

Tammy T. from New Tucson, Arizona

baby diaper monkey with pacifier holding monkey stuffed animal
When I started making this cake, I was originally attempting to make a monkey cake... which ended up not working out so well. I pretty much just followed the monkey instructions, omitting the tail of course. Then I outfitted the baby in coordinating onesie, bib and pacifier. For ears, eyes and nose, I used double stick tape, and used a bit of blush for the rosy cheeks.

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Photo submitted to diaper animals gallery by:

Karen R. from Franklin, Idaho

I made this diaper monkey for my daughter by rolling diapers and constructing them together in a shape of a monkey. My daughter loves Monkeys and this is her favorite.

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Diaper Animals submitted to photo gallery by:

Slyvia G. from Charleston, South Carolina

I made my daughter-in-law a diaper cake, set of giraffes, set of elephants, a lion, a turtle (not shown), 2 boo boo bunnies, a sock corsage, and a diaper wreath (not shown) for her baby shower. Everyone just loved them and had not seen anything like them before. Now they are asking me to make them for them too!!

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Diaper Animals submitted to gallery by:

Kalena M. from Maui, Hawaii

girl noahs ark diaper animals

I made this Noah's ark themed diaper animal gift for my daughter's first baby. I made 2 giraffes, 2 elephants, and 2 snakes out of diapers and baby items. I placed them in a wicker basket. To make it look like an ark, I covered a Kandoo diaper wipe case with a baby hat. It was so cute!

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Diaper Animals submitted to cake gallery by:

Sherri M. from Calgary, Alberta Canada

I made this Noah's Ark for my daughters shower. Her theme was Noah's Ark.

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Butterfly submitted to animals gallery by:

Wendy H. from Sumter, South Carolina

colorful diaper butterflies

Hello! My name is Wendy and I am a stay at home Mommy of two children. I was looking at the washcloth lollipop instructions on here, and would like to share mine with you. I sell on eBay, through my website, and locally in a store and have made over 4,000 of them. I use no pins, tape, needles, or glue on the washcloths. I do also make candies, candy rolls, diaper cakes, cupcakes and many other items if you would like these shared as well. Thank you so much!

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Giraffe submitted to animals gallery by:

Margaret A. from Hanover, NJ

pink diaper giraffe

This diaper giraffe was made with 16 diapers, 5 booties and a bib. I used size 1 diapers.

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Elephant submitted to animals gallery by:

Margaret A. from Hanover, NJ

thank heaven for little girls diaper giraffe

This diaper elephant was made with 16 diapers, 5 booties, and bib. I used size 1 diapers.

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Butterfly submitted to animals gallery by:

Candice from Ohio

diaper butterfly

I made this for a cousins baby shower for little girl. I used purple tinted shower caps over diapers to attach eyes, and the wings are realy dress up wings with pipe cleaners for antennas.

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Cow submitted to animals gallery by:

Brenda from Sparks NV

blue and white camo diaper cow

Tell us about your diaper craft! We would love to hear all about it...

Who did you make it for? myself and my friends

Was there a theme or style you followed? yes, "Got Milk?"

How many diapers did you use in your cake? Approximately 12

What were the ingredients? Diapers, washcloths, socks, pacifiers, baby bottle nipples,etc.

How did you make it? Rolling 3 small cylinder rolled diapers inside one bigger open diaper. Then folding and manipulating it to look like legs. I then placed them side by side and wrapped another diaper around them to keep them together. From there, I rolled another diaper long ways for the head. As you can see, there are bottle nipples for the horns.

Anything else you would like to share with us about your diaper cake or the occasion? This one works great for a lot of themes... Got Milk?, Happy Mutter's Day, You're Moorvelous...etc.

Owl submitted to animals gallery by:

Debra B. from Brownsburg, Indiana

diaper owl cake

A guy friend was going to a baby shower at Hooters and wanted something different. So i made him a owl diaper cake. The body has 40 size 1 diapers and the eyes have 5 each newborn diapers. A receiving blanket over the top and hangs down. A washcloth as a beck, a bib that hangs down (i used blue for a boy) and a pair of socks for his ears. I added flowers for the center of his eyes. Tied with ribbons.

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