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Unique Baby Shower Cakes and Ideas

Unique baby shower cakes and ideas to use at your baby shower! Take a look below at our pregnant belly section of the gallery. You can also view different categories by clicking on the index link below.

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower gallery by:

Robert F. from Mustang, Oklahoma

pregnant belly baby shower cake

First we used a cupcake pan to make the chest part.

We used the Wilton Soccer pan to make the belly.

We iced the cake with homemade white buttercream icing. Then we used white fondant to make the dress. We added a black fondant bow and black detailing around the top. We used flesh colored fondant to make cleavage.

The fondant we used was homemade and actually tastes better than the stuff you buy.

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower cakes gallery by:

Tara W. from Hampton, Georgia

pink flowers pregnant belly cake

This is a sheet cake, The stomach is half of a ball pan and the boobs are two cupcakes. The cake was frosted in buttercream and the dress was made from fondant.

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower gallery by:

Andrea D. from Arbor, Michigan

woman sitting next to a blue pregnant belly cake
sideview of a pregnant belly cake with blue dress and pearls

A quarter sheet cake is cut to look like the silhouette of a woman's body. A second cake that is baked in a small glass mixing bowl is used for the belly and two hostess snowball cupcakes create the bust. Cover all with a flesh colored frosting and then cover with fondant to look like a dress. The rest is icing on the cake! A pearl necklace or bow or ruffles on the hem.....

Sometimes I put filling in the belly but I do not recommend anything red!

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower cakes gallery by:

Lesile F. from Ontario, British Columbia, Canada

blue and white belly cake

This was a Butter Pecan cake with custard and chocolate filling. I started with a basic rectangular cake pan and baked my first cake. While that was cooling down I baked the "belly" which was a medium dome cake pan and the breasts which were small dome cake pans. Once all the cakes (4 in total) were cooled off, I used my leveled cake cutter and slit each cake in the middle filling them with chocolate first and custard on top of it. (mmm...so good!) I used baby blue fondant to cover the rectangular cake. Once that was covered, I placed the belly cake and the breast cakes on top of it, covering it with white fondant.

Tip: when using fondant, make sure you roll it out thick. By doing this it minimizes imperfections making the cake look flawless. I then added blue baby pins and soothers around it for the extra added touch. When everything was completed I made a shell border around the cake.

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower gallery by:

Linda L. from Crestline, California

baby shower pregnant belly cake that says welcome baby levi

I started with an 11 x 15 cake for the base and used my Betty Crocker Bake' n fill pan for the belly and bust. All were layered, filled with buttercream. I covered the entire torso with fondant and then added the fondant tank top and jeans. The snap and rivets on the jeans are made of gum paste and then painted with edible luster dust. The sneakers, daisies and pacifier are all made of gum paste.

Photo submitted to unique baby shower cakes gallery by:

Rachel B. from Alexandria, Virginia

blue and white its a boy baby shower pregnant belly cake

This was my first attempt at making a fondant covered cake. I was impressed with the results. I got some of my ideas from the photos shared on this website. I used a soccer ball pan to make the tummy and a special can for making mini doll cakes or clown cakes for the boobs. It was pretty easy to create. The safety pins and rattle around the outside are made from molds and melted white chocolate.

Photo submitted to unique baby shower gallery by:

Farnaz M. from Jericho, NY

lavender lace baby shower belly cake

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower cakes gallery by:

Shawndra M. from Goodyear, AZ

polka dot baby bump cake

I baked a strawberry cake from a large metal bowl for the belly and vanilla cake with the Wilton ball pan for the boobies. I then rolled out some light blue fondant and covered the whole thing, cut around edges and cut the skirt. I cut out white small polka dot for the booby part of the dress and larger polka dots for the skirt. I made a fondant bow and attached with water below the boobies. This was such a fun cake to make!

Photo submitted to unique baby shower gallery by:

Marilyn P. from Miami, FL

white baby shower belly cake with pink trim

Take three cakes to form the body. Ice then make flesh color fondant for the chest and pink for the decorations and a bit of green for the leaves.

Photo submitted to unique baby shower cakes gallery by:

Alexandria D. from Union City, New Jersey

pink and white polka dot belly cake

I used two 4 inch hemisphere cake pans and one 8 inch hemisphere cake pan to make this belly cake.

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower gallery by:

Briana M. from Simi Valley, California

brown chocolate belly cake with teal bow top mold of boobs for baby bump cake

My creative baby shower cake was a carrot cake with a vanilla custard filling with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream under different colored fondant. Detailed Instructions and how-to-tips: This might sound strange but I started with the bust of this cake by baking in two ceramic cereal bowls and then baking the belly part of the cake in a large mixing bowl. I then dirty iced the whole thing. First I covered the bust with a skin tone colored fondant (which I colored myself) then I draped over the chocolate brown fondant to make it look like a shirt over a pregnant belly =] I then put the last few touches on the cake including the baby blue bow, the necklace with a "J" pendant for the babies first name and the ruffles on the top of the shirt. I also cut out baby blue umbrellas to place around the cake along with the words "BYE BYE TUMMY HELLO MOMMY". To finish it off I used a clothing steamer on the cake to make it nice and shiny! and I love how this cake turned out =] so I hope you do too!! =]

Photo submitted to unique baby shower cakes gallery by:

Terri from Calgary, AB

I made this cake for our CEO's baby shower. I used Chocolate WASC cake, Sugarshack's buttercream and Rhonda's ultimate Marshmallow fondant - all recipes I got from the Cake central website.

I made the roses out of gum paste and the pearls are fondant. I used a half sheet for the bottom cake (which is buttercream), 2 half Wilton ball pans for the boobs and a half soccer ball for the belly. the cake is covered with fondant. The first photo is the before. The boobs were way too big and looked pornographic. I was quite distressed over this and end up minimizing them by adding some skin colored fondant and frills I would not recommend the ball pan for the boobs. I would use Wilton's wonder molds or even cupcakes.

But I was happy with my 'save' in the end. I used the phrase 'goodbye belly, hello baby' instead of the standard, "good-bye tummy, hello mummy" because this was her 2nd child. Everything is edible.

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Photo submitted to unique baby shower gallery by:

Ines C. from Hicksville, NY

3 tier pink and green belly cake

I came up with the design with 100% inspiration from the invitation.

Photo submitted to unique baby shower cakes gallery by:

Diana D. from Gilbert, AZ USA

happy mom to be next to matching pregnant belly cake

Here are pictures of my first belly cake I made for a shower. This was my second time working with fondant and first time spraying the designs, definitely a learning experience. I did purchase the base layer only as a time saver, but I assembled it to create the desired outcome.

Unfortunately the feet you can hardly see sticking out because of the dress details hide it. But the recipient was very happy and that is the one that counts!

This is a belly cake but you have to look hard to see the feet and belly button.

cake decorator making spray on flowers for pregnant belly cake

Practicing spraying, colors turn purple when mixed back up.

flower stencils for pregnant belly cake

Ready for the real deal used stencils.

mom to be standing nex to pregnant belly cake

Finished belly cake.

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Photo submitted to baby shower gallery by:

Leslie R. from Fort Worth Texas

white pregnant belly dress with navy bow baby shower cake

My pregnant mommy cake is easy to make. I used a 13 inch heart pan. I made two cakes from it. I also used the ball pan and used a stainless steel bowl for the belly. Once all the cake was made I turned the two heart shaped cakes pointed toward each other and frosted a crumb coat of butter cream frosting.

I laid the belly and boobs in place and continued to frost with butter cream. Once the shape was anatomically correct I made the skin and the dress out of homemade fondant and trimmed it all out. My client loved her baby shower cake.

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Photo submitted to baby shower cakes gallery by:

V. Adams from NC

white and blue pregnant belly cake with dress draped on cake

I found the perfect glass Pyrex bowl, slightly oval, for the belly and used two large cupcakes for chest

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Photo submitted to baby shower gallery by:

Celeste R. from San Jose, California

blue pregnant belly dress with chocolate bows baby cake

I used one large glass bowl and two smaller round glass bowls for the cake. I made red velvet cake in the bowls. I froze them for an hour then cut them to make them look proportionate. I covered it in butter cream and fondant then decorated it. It was for a boys baby shower. They loved it.

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