Giving Prizes To The Mom To Be

by Wendy

Is it proper to offer the gifts received from shower games to the expectant mother?

Our Answer:

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your question. It depends if the gifts are given in a voluntary or involuntary fashion. The baby shower prizes should be something the guests would want to keep. After all, that is the point of having a prize at the end of the game. If the prize is a bottle or baby item, the guest most likely will not want to keep it. (Unless of course, they have their own little kids at home).

So from the hostess view point, the prizes should be for the guests and not the mom. Some example of game prizes would be candles, chocolate, lotion or bubble bath.

The "game" could include baby items that can be given to the mom as supplies, but the "prize" should never be for the mom, it should be for the guests.

It does happen every once in a while that the hostess gives prizes that are baby related. This puts the guests in an awkward situation. It is the guest’s choice on whether to give it to the mom to be.

I hope that helps. Good Luck With The Baby Shower!

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Give it back!
by: Anonymous

I always thought you were supposed to offer your prize back to the person being honored...I don't go to a baby shower hoping to score some prize.

Baby Supplies as Prizes
by: Val

We played games specifically to help win supplies for the mom-to-be. It was all for fun though, I ended up giving her all the supplies at the end of the shower. ;) We played Baby Outburst, Baby Taboo and Pictionary. Every item that was guessed right went to the mom to be. It was lots of fun!

by: Anonymous

I would feel jipped if I won a game and was given a prize and then told to give it to the mom-to-be. What is the point of playing games to win prizes if the prizes are not for winning the game? I would rather have no prizes than prizes that are confusing and made for the mom-to-be.

If you have to give the prizes to the expecting mom, I think letting the guests know the object of the game is to win as many prizes for the mom as possible. Then it is more of a unified effort for the same cause.

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