Long Distance Baby Shower Invitations

by Whitney

What is the etiquette for sending an invitation to friends who you know won't come to the baby shower because of distance? Do you just send them an announcement after the birth or can you send the invitation so they feel included?

I just don't want them to think I'm sending it because I want baby gifts. It's not the same as a Bridal Shower.


Our Answer:

Hi Whitney,

Thanks for your etiquette question. When determining whether to send out invitations to friends and family who live far away, you will want to ask yourself a question. How close of a friendship do you have with them? If they are friends and family that you are not that close to, then the birth announcement will be a perfect way to let them know about the new baby in your family.

If they are really close friends and family, the kind that you know they would come if they could...then it is ok to send them an invitation to the baby shower. The invitation is a way to help them feel involved and part of the baby shower, even if they could not attend it.

I have been surprised a couple times by family and friends traveling a couple hours each way to attend a baby shower. Remember, it is the thought of the invitation that counts. Most likely, family that lives in another state will not be able to make it but will appreciate the thought. But, if you feel they would have a bad reaction to the invitation, don't send it.

I hope that helps. Good luck with the baby and the baby shower!

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Immediate family and very close friends
by: Nisha- Editor

I would say that unless it is immediate family or extremely close friends, to wait and send birth announcements once the baby is born. In most cases, a birth announcement is more proper to send and will be better received than a baby shower invitation, when they know they live too far to attend.

Hope that helps!

My female relatives
by: Anonymous

Most of my female relatives & some friends live too far to travel for my shower...should I send them an invitation so they know I would want them included or does this seem like just asking for a gift?

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