Pregnancy Cravings Gender Reveal

~ This adorable gender reveal was shared with us by Aimee and Bettijo of ~

Gender reveal parties are such a fun and exciting way to share the news of the baby's gender with others. Leading up to Bettijo's ultrasound, she knew this type of party would be the perfect way to allow her friends and family to share in the excitement of finding out the baby's gender.

Her friend Aimee helped her create this fabulous gender neutral party, with pregnancy cravings as the main theme. They chose a basic color palette of yellow, white and grey with black accents. I love how the colors all pop!
grey and yellow gender reveal party

Bettijo's background in graphic design came in handy when making the invitations. She created a sleek, modern invitation of grey on a white background. To finish it off, she rounded the top edge and used a 1 inch hole punch to create the circle accent.The hole was a representation of a pregnant belly bump.

grey and white gender reveal invitation

Above the food table, they mounted a canvas that was painted yellow and a custom framed chalkboard that said, "What are you craving?" Doesn't it look great?! The frame is actually a black frame that they got at Ikea and spray painted white. Fabulous!

custom white framed chalkboard hanging on yellow canvas board

The food table had a white table cloth that was covered with a yellow and white polka dot material. They tied various shades of grey and white ribbon in front and draped it as a design.
yellow and white dessert table for gender reveal

The food they served went with the pregnancy cravings theme. They had:

Crunchy- Chips with ranch dip
Chewy- Chocolate covered marshmallow pops
white and yellow marshmallow lollipops

Salty- Popcorn
popcorn display for cravings gender reveal

Sour- Claussin pickles
claussin pickle appetizer for cravings pregnancy party

Sweet- Chocolate Covered Oreos
white and yellow chocolate covered oreos

They created a custom circle garland banner that displayed the ultrasound photos. The banner was made cutting different sized circles out of yellow cardstock and then stitching it together on a sewing machine. Then they layered a clothesline over it to hang the photos on.
yellow circles and ultrasound picture garland

Some of the fun activities they had at the party included allowing the guests to make name suggestions if the baby was a boy or a girl.

name suggestions for boy or girl at gender reveal

They also had a chalkboard for the guests to vote on whether they thought the baby was a girl or a boy.
chalkboard with guesses marked for boy and girl

And of course, they had everyone wear these cute buttons they made to show their guesses. Aren't they adorable!! ;) You can get the the printable signs from the party as a free download and information on where to buy the gender buttons on their site here.

pink and blue girl/boy symbol buttons

The best part of the whole party, was that no one there knew what the baby's sex was beforehand. To keep everything secret, Bettijo had the ultrasound tech write the gender on an index card and seal it up in an envelope.

Then the envelope was given to the party supply store with the instructions to put the correct color of balloons in the box to match the gender in the envelope.

My favorite part of looking at gender reveal parties is the look of surprise in the picture when the parents find out. Look how precious!!
happy mom and dad at gender reveal opening box and seeing pink balloons

It's a GIRL!! Congrats Bettijo! Thanks so much for sharing your party with us.

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