Baby Shower In A Box From Afar

by Priscilla M.

baby shower in a box

I am planning a shower from afar in a box. I have come up with some unique ways to have a shower for relatives that are spread across the country without internet access. I would like to share my ideas and how I made my shower work for all involved from NY to FL, to NV to AZ to MI. I found your site helpful got a lot of ideas from you.

First of all my daughters' dad and I are divorced, but I have a good relationship with her grandparents. Now, I got all the addresses of my ex's family, my family and family friends. I opted to not do web shower due to the fact that many older family members do not even have computers. I then compiled them into a small address book (which my daughter will use to send the thank you notes). Then got cute baby computer paper and made my invitations and "fun sheet." The fun sheet was my own idea in place of shower games, since there will be no real shower to attend for most of the folks.

Now, the invitations read...

Shh it's a surprise, we are having a shower from afar for Natalie and the twins, so if you desire send a gift card from all family and friends.
My oh, My so many things twins do need!
In lieu of presents send a gift card along with your "fun sheet" in the enclosed envelope.
Two stores are not far apart, so please make your gift card from either JcPenny's or Walmart. Nov. 3rd is the reply date, so hurry don't be late! Then my name and number at the bottom.

The fun sheet reads...

1.Your best parenting tip is____

2. You best idea for quieting a fussy baby is ___

3. When do you think the twins will be born?___ (Dr says march 24)

4. Your best guess for each baby's weight___ and ____

5. Try your best at these!

Hush a bye___ in a tree top with the ___ ___, the cradle will rock.
When the bough___ the cradle will fall and down will come___ cradle and all.

star light___ ____ first star l see____ l wish l may l ___ l might have the ___ l ___ tonight.

6. Your well wishes for the new parents ____________

Ok, so now I send all of that out with my "party favor" which is a copy of the sonogram of the twins, and self-addressed stamped envelopes with my address on them. I will have a small party of like 8 local friends here at my home, where my husband will record the "shower". I have made 2 small diaper cakes yellow and green with pacifiers. I have candy pacifiers l will give as party favors and have made onesies that say twin a - twin b and thing one thing two etc. I will use these as my decor and then put all the returned gift cards in a box along with the video and frozen cupcakes that will be served at my house party and cigars for dad, soaps for mom, t-shirt and books on being a big brother for my 2 year old grandson, and the 2 diaper cakes, the small address book and the thank you's will also be in this box.

I will then send the shower in a box to my daughter and she can go out shopping and what fun it will be to read all the responses on the fun sheets... Don't you think? Oh for packing material, the 8 folks who attend the "shower" at my house will write things like " l am stinky"-"its daddy's turn" etc on disposable diapers, so when the box is opened and they lift the "packing material" it will be fun too.

I am doing this shower very early as you see the twins are not due until March, but I fear she will be put on bed rest again and her in-laws are also planning a shower, so this gives her time to "nest" before bed rest begins.

What do you think? l believe I can send you a few photos if you would like of the invitations and the cakes, etc. I hope my idea helps others who are military or just have family spread all over the USA like we do!

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Jun 21, 2010
Very Good Idea!!
by: Jennifer

I have been on modified bed rest since Feb 2010 due to incompetent cervix and had to have a Cerclage. The baby is due July 17 2010. I have been out of work since the end of February so we are broke. My family lives in NY and I live in Pa with my fiance.
I was truly hoping someone would throw me a shower because, well, obviously I cannot afford all the things I will need. It is so depressing being in this situation. I certainly would not ask for one. I have attended many showers for my family back home when I lived there. My mom says she will throw me one after the baby is here when I can come home, but I need things now!! And who wants to travel with a tiny baby and bring him to a shower where everyone will want to hold him and maybe get him sick???? She has gotten me some things and my mother-in-law has as well including a crib, which is greatly appreciated, but, what about all the diapers, bottles, toys, and other necessities?
I only got a box of hand-me-down clothes from my brother and sister-in-law which someone gave to my sister-in-law a year ago when she was expecting. Mind you I got them a walker and a huge bag of brand new clothes and shoes.
My sister got me one package of bottles and a bottle brush!! What?? Seriously?---Yet she threw a shower for my cousin a few years ago. Also a good friend of mine back home contacted my family about doing a gift card shower from afar so I could get what I need. They did not even reply to her!! This is one of my oldest and dearest friends too.
My point is, this is a horrible and depressing situation to be in and if they don't step up in the future I don't know if I will soon forgive them. It hurts to feel like no one truly cares or understands what this is like. I told my mom I still needed stuff, she said "Like what?"
I need a baby bath tub for an infant. She gave me my sister-in-law's old one, not even infant ready. There is no infant support. Plus, it's dirty, sorry. I think my baby deserves a clean new bath tub. I have a used bouncer to use and a used bassinet. No problem I suppose, except I really wanted a co-sleeper for next to the bed for breastfeeding, a swing, some other things and one toy.

Jun 02, 2010
Great Idea
by: Anonymous

My daughter is away overseas and is expecting. This is the greatest idea!! Thank you!!!!

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